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30 September, 2009

Patterns & Texture!!

I am experimenting the mix look of patterns and texture of my ensemble this week. They don't all come out perfectly but I am learning from my mistakes. lol

I am catching up Gossip Girl slowly and currently I am in season 2 still. The good thing is I didn't suffer from the emotional collapse when I want to know immediately what's NEXT in between episodes, lol bad thing is all their looks are past season and I can only get inspired that much. haha...

I bought this Erickson Beamon cluster necklace for target in June and someone wants to buy it off to match her dress to a wedding dinner. Honestly, I'd really love to sell this eye-catching necklace for someone who adores it too but I couldn't seem to think of a right value of it. Besides, i bought the matching earrings for the necklace so I have to either sell them both or none!!!

Yesterday (Tuesday)!

I don't like my bang that day, neither do I like the length of the skirt...too long. :<

Tse ruched black tank, sleeveless gray cardigan w/ cape style collar, D & G leopard pencil skirt, patterned hosiery, Marni platform heels, Lanvin leopard happy sac, Erickson Beamon cluster necklace.

oh, my lip was burned by super hot oil the other day..... :(


Last Saturday!!

I dressed very safe w/ all black (almost)!!
Givenchy chain wedge booties, Linda Loudermilk organic asymmetrical blazer, pleated skirt, black hosiery, Lanvin Happy Sac.

Today (Wednesday) !

I meet up w/ a fellow from purse forum! We bump into each other once and chat million times and finally had the chance to chat in person today!!

Zara shirt dress, C & C California super long vest, leggings, Minnetonka brown fringe boots, RUGBY white military inspired coat, two toned/texture leather belt, Chanel 08 gray classic jumbo.

I think 20 something girls would love this kinda of fringe boots as today someone compliments on my boots when my friend and I were crossing the road!!

I am doing window shopping not just for clothes but also furniture these days!! A nice designed and classic furniture will be appreciated for the years to come.

This wooden bench can serve as seating and coffee table.

You can't imagine how comfortable when lying on this cow hair mat ... let alone having such stylish chaise to kick up the interior look at home!!

Last thing I want for this year........ Travel!!!

London Bridge!!!

26 September, 2009

Not Miu Miu booties. Givenchy it is!!!!

I had to jump out of bed literally when I just realized that new boots of mine is Givenchy instead of Miu Miu I stated on my earlier post.

Well, it is impossible for me to make such mistake but I guess w/ in-laws visiting, even I couldn't keep my mind clear anymore!!

Rachel (Mom): What did you say, sweetheart?

Ilona: "Mom!! Don't blame the fault on others!!"

Rachel (mom): Oh, Ok, I admitted it.
I bought too many pair of boots this season and I should stop!! :P

Let's give this edgy boots a closer look again! :)

Since when I started to lay my eyes on WEDGE booties when I don't even like wedge that much at the beginning!! lol

Rachel (mom): See? Fashion is a crime and I don't even know when I committed. haha......

Ilona: Mom!! What I just said!!

Rachel (mom): Ok, ok, dear!! I shouldn't spend so much time reading those fashion magazine!! :P

25 September, 2009

BusyBee -- The Outfit and The Life!!

Yesterday I bumped into Yu in the supermarket. I was joking w/ her that why would she carry Hermes Lindy to do grocery shopping!!!!he he ...

Of course I saw her all dressed up and must have gone somewhere fancy for lunch. Indeed, she had a lunch meeting w/ her another group of gals. :) I love her almost mono-toned simple outfit paired w/ color-pop yellow Lindy and eye-catching CL heels from s/s.

I like Yu's necklace who bought in Paris but I am not so fond of that double strings wearing w/ huge pearl right in the middle of her throat!! ha ha ha....
(Don't be mad at me, Yu!!:P)

H&M denim inspired leggings w/ CL pumps.

I, dressed as usual, busy and colorful outfit no matter do I have a lunch date or not!! :P One blog reader "Dos3n" had this very same Jean Paul Gautier dress as mine so I think I should just wear it once more to get some brain storm from each other!!!

I intended to make the dress work into fall.

1. TOP:
  • Jean Paul Gautier toile dress
  • Earl Jean tulle top
  • Max & Co. navy velvet coat/shirt
2. SHOES: Chloe brown boots
  • Chloe orange sally 09 s/s
  • floral pin

I guess I was so inspired by Yu's simple outfit, I had the same mood of dressing up as simple as possible. So I said, how about the Maxi dress which I bought long ago but never get the chance to wear it.

My other friend, Isabel, said that she bought something similar (jersey t-shirt dress) from Alexander Wang around $150 the other day. I wonder how'd she pair it w/ since none of us are a huge fan of too slouchy look. Here is what I would wear mine!! :)

1. TOP:
  • American Vintage gray t-shirt dress
  • American Vintage baby blue long sleeves shirt
  • American Vintage baby blue layering tank
  • Scarf bought in Canada
  • purple stones necklace from designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer!
  • Balenciaga Violet part-time 08
  • Purple belt from discovery store (second hand)
3. SHOES: Chloe brown boots

I like American Vintage simple sexy shirts a lot....I think, for me, the thinner fabric, the sexier, and the more relaxed look you'll get.

23 September, 2009

New Closet or New Vanity desk first??

I said that I want to give our tiny wall-in closet a face-lift couple months ago just to organize our clothes, belt, accouterments, .... everything better.

It never happened!!


Cause' I think a Vanity desk is more of a necessity to me than an well-organized closet when I already had MY WAY of sorting my clothes out. :P

So I decided to get myself a vanity desk first. Besides, I still have that superstitious thoughts in my head that women would save more money when they have a vanity desk w/ the biggest drawer fit underneath of it in her master bedroom. hahah....... I don't know if you believe it but from my observation of my mom and cousins, I choose to believe it!! lol

Here are two I found pretty charming to me. They are quite not serve the purpose of doing make-ups for but I think they'd work as one!!

They are French imported furniture and I would try to work such rustic look into our master bedroom.

This writing desk is about $300 and you can pull out that desk a little more.

This is a chest w/ tri-fold mirrors. $270 (mirror) + $579 (chest)!

I think women all have an affection w/ chandelier for its romantic look!! :)

The look of me when I went for vanity desk hunting!!

1. TOP: Marc by Marc Jacobs
2. BOTTOM: French Connection high waist khaki skirt
3. SHOES: Moschino chip & chic teal w/ ruffle trim boots
Chanel 09 Valentine's coral medium flap

Max & Co. taupe belt

I had my IRO pants altered to be a better tapered hem on me. I guess you really can't tell but I just felt my BUTT look smaller in a better proportion. hha........... lol

1. TOP:
  • Neil Barrett black sheered blouse
  • black vest w/ sheered trim
  • Elisabeth & James white blazer w/ ruched sleeves
2. BOTTOM: a better fit IRO pleated trousers
3. SHOES: Jean-Michel Cazabat metallic purple sandal
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227 09
  • Chanel 09 rhinstone pearl necklace

Ok, I know I should have carried a bag which gives better contrast to this outfit...but I guess I am either lazy to switch to other bag or it is because my in-laws are visiting this time and I should keep such charade by not switching bags everyday!!!!!!!

So, if you are married, you would understand the little precaution we do in front of in-laws which could save my day. hahaha....

Good nite!!!!

I really need to find a monologue that suits me!!

21 September, 2009

Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part II !!

I said, whenever I have new acquisition, I almost wear it right away.... If not literally, I still manage to wear them ASAP!!

Speaking of time is money, the time you kept them in the closet or on the shelf is a big waste of money IMO!! hheee........ :P

Here are all the fun I had this afternoon when Ilona is napping and after she woke up!! Well, actually, the fun ended when Ilona bugs me going down stairs looking for her grand-mom and grand-pa!!! :)

Like I said before, when you notice a particular brand name shampoo causes your hair shed more, you better switch to other brands.

So I did!!!

I notice that maybe my scale doesn't like Ferraki so much, then I switch back to my used-to-be-my-fav. hair cleaning regime. All nature ingredients product : Ojon!! I also love Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious cream but it is salon exclusive so I had to get that next week when I go back to my hair designer!!

From left to right: Ojon light weight hydrating gel/ Ultra hydrating shampoo/conditioning, Revitalizing Mist (leave-in conditioning)

1. The fab find in Loehmann's last week???

Romeo & Juliet Contour sequins leggings for $39.99!!

Romeo & Juliet Contour silk floral top for $39.99!

I styled my kinda out of control bang this morning!!

I think an up-do hair will highlight the blouse!!

GIVENCHY wedge booties.
Front chains covered w/ leather but not on those around the back!

So I can't decide if I should cinch the flared top or not!!

2. Second-hand shop fab find!! Christian Dior petite separated dress (found last year)!

I altered it to one-shoulder top.

This dress needs to be well-accessorized before its ready to go out w/ !!

some small details.

The back view..... I need to think of a pair of heels to go w/ the retro-trendy look. :)

3. Another second-hand fab find: Jaguar 100% fine merino wool plus size cardigan (made in Gt. Britain) for $11.

The cardigan has bat-sleeves style so you won't know it is plus size!!!lol
  • Hermes orange lacquered w/ natural horn on the other side necklace.
  • Banana Republic edition gold tassel necklace wore as belt.

Dress up fun for mom ends....Ilona is awake!!

I shall have a decent shoots of Hermes riding boots w/ Kelly lock at sides in the future!!!!

Hope the weather gets cool down a little bit more!!!

Mom's Big Splurge on buying BOOTS!!! Part I !!

How come the weather gets so warm these couple weeks?!! So, I hate it!!


Well, to begin with, I must say I have way enough boots and I also admit that I never buy these many pairs of boots in one season!!!! lol I wish I can wear them as much as I can but darn the weather that I can only wear them to SF city where is much cooler than suburban!!

My New Givenchy chained wedge ankle boots!

Let's count how many pairs of boots I bought since Barney's legendary warehouse sale.

1. Chloe tan boots

2. Chloe taupe/purple tall boots

3. Chanel 09 s/s white mesh w/ bows booties

4.Minnetonka brown fringe suede boots

5. Givenchy black wedge w/ chain booties (have not posted)

6. Hermes black riding boots w/ Kelly locks (have not posted)

I think if I seriously sum up all the price of above boots, it is close to the cost of small Hermes Kelly!!lol

Guilty? Yes, absolutely!!

What did I do then?!!

1. To justify my out of control splurge, I returned CL maroon sling back heels couple weeks ago. (Brand new, of course!!!)

2. Shop at thrift store or discovery store(second hand/vintage) or Loehmann's near our bay area for clothes instead of major department stores. :P To tell you a good news, those places really are a treasure island and they have much better selection parted from other regular priced stores. :)

3. Eat at home and don't order entree' of my own when dinning out w/ family!! Sharing is a virtue. haha..hahaha.........

The returning CL heels justified almost $1000 spending. As for shopping at charity based discovery store, I think I am not just doing something good for our community but also feel happy about how much I saved aside from buying in department stores.

In fact, couple of my mommy friends all shopped at Loehmann's last week. We are just talking about how trendy and hip selection they had in their stores this year!! I guess *recession* is not so bad in some point of view since merchandise will be "re-priced" at more reasonable count. :)

As for home-cooking, it always benefits to the whole family. It is healthier, time-saving (don't have to wait for a table) and money-saving too!!!

Let's see if I can be the next Rachel Ray!!!!!! hahahaha...


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