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28 February, 2010

Fun Outfit.... a twist of Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M!!

I thought today is a perfect occasion to be fun n' colorful other than Halloween.  We took kids to see Disney on Ice n' Ilona is so into the show.....she stoned!!! ^O^

She keeps her hands up high during the show for as long as I can remember.....I think she tried to mimic the dance or something.. :)

I wore that fake lashes last year's Halloween n' receive tons of compliment. I, so, highly recommend this snow ball lashes as kids love them too. :) The best part is the white little balls actually open up your eyes....make them BIG (so you don't have to wear those pupil enlargement lens at all ^O^!! :)

The outfit I wore to the show Disney on Ice today is quite fun.

Ah....... I am quite sleepy right now, so I will leave the pic. do the talking!! Two days in a row's activities really tired me out!!! Gotta catch up my beauty sleep. 

H&M black cardigan w/ shoulder floral patches, SR pour H&M pink dress, stripes tights, Betsy Johnson tutu skirt underneath!!


Have a good Monday.....n' see you tomorrow!!

Preview of my make-ups....Disney On Ice!!

The lashes are for yesterday...toady  as you see.......... below!!

I is a lot of colors...but I love it!! :) Oh,..geez, forgot the lip gloss!!

See you~~~~

Girls Night Out - Bushi-Tei n' Infusion!!

There are couple more hours left before we take kids to see the show "Disney on Ice", but I thought I should update the picture we girls' crazy night of yesterday. 

We all know once a while moms and dads need a break from their kids, or even from each other!! :) Just to get some support n' fresh air from their guy or gal friends. Surely our hearts/love is never away from our family and inevitably talking/mentioning about our family the entire dinner. 

 Can't really read what they served there but at least you know the price range!!

The bread!

My fav. Lobster Salad. 

Cured Fillet Mignon w/ blue cheese. 

Cured fish w/ cumin spice.

Yu's entree: Duck breast!  (Ok, I know, it looks like a baked

We had Japanese/French cuisine at Bushi-Tei.  I know my taste is at heavier side so I always have to ask for "condiments" and season everything by myself to delight my taste buds. haha...... 

I am glad they have freshly grated Wasabi to go w/ cured fish/beef......I don't like the fishy/raw smell lingering in my month at all!! :P 

Asia Pear Salad!

Filet mignon!

After dinner, we all went to Infusion for clubbing. Interesting thing is none of us dress black!!! My rule, people can't see you nor your outfit in the club, and colored outfit would give you better lighting and makes your face shine!! haha.. 


Pei wore her Hermes cuff.  
It is such a classic look to go w/ that H&M dress tee. 

Way too sexy, this H&M dress complements her so well. 

Steve madden heels. 

Yu's Herve Leger dress w/ Alexander Wang boots. 
Too cold? ..... Nat at all, Helmut Lang navy leather coat keeps her chic n' warm.
I can't keep eyes off her back!! ^O^

Cathy's a legging freak, she collects all kinds of legging!! All the patterns are extremely busy on her ensemble but it actually works quite well in my opinion.

Blue electric girl!! (w/ Nicolas kirkwood heels)

No, they were not dancing in the garage!! haha... lol

 Sheuemura rhinestone fake lashes, Georgio Armani #2 blush, YSL orange gloss, Mac gold eyeshadow, Chantecaille green eyeliner, 

1. Top:
Benetton lace body-suit
silk short jumper
Max&Co. taupe/plum leather jacket (this season)
2. Accessory:
Daddy Long leg floral degrading leggings
Christian Louboutin cutout fringe booties
H&M knitting scarf
Lanvin leopard happy tote
Sonia Rykiel Swarovski owl brooch (as necklace)

You know, I wore that Sonia Rykiel owl necklace which I think it can give me extra lighting on my face in the restaurant n' in the club!! hahahaha.. lol

I gotta go n' cook lunch before we actually head off to the show. 
I think I am going to defeat Rachel Ray lol.....i can cook 3 courses dish in half an hour!! haha...  

See you later....xoxo Rachel

26 February, 2010

Odds n' Ends... Look of the Day!!

This post would dedicate to my friend, Yu, if she allowed me to show her full figure. ^O^ However, she didn't grand me so I simply share everything left in my photos along w/ her look of the day. :P


Ms. Yu-Chia in Target. 

London Fog taupe patent boots, Marc Jacob tote.

After I bought my first pair of London Fog patent/rain boots last year, most of my gal fashionista can't seem to get enough of them. 

I took off the bows from Juicy Contour's shopping bag n' glue them on my oxford brogues. That's an instant update w/o spending a dime!! I am excited as the brown bows matches so well w/ the shoes and I don't care about that outdated soles at all now!!  

As long as Juicy Contour keeps their shopping bag in stock, I can replace new bows anytime. lol

My friend, Cathy, is a puck n' boho style mixer!!

Her perfectly torn Frankie B. jeans!!!

Last thing to share w/ you!!
I can't seem to recall this cropped leather biker vest is Mike n' Chris or .... well, it is $495 in nordstrom!! 

Have a fab. weekend!! I will make sure I update my look from SR pour H&M on Sunday.... xoxo Rachel

Random Diary (2)........ Christopher kane 2010 n' Heavy Machine shoes!!!!

Finally, Yu told me what's that $20 worth of a bag!! 

Then I was like ^%$#^&*^@#... Ok, I bought that one too and H&M has tons in SF city. The reason I bought it is for Heidi not even me!!!! I shouldn't keep my expectation up too high when it comes to a $20 worth of bag...... lol.

You certainly can use those cute pins for other clothes I assume!!

I never had a chance to show you the inside lining of my runway organic Linda Loudermilk blazer.... it is even cooler than outside!!
"Nature is the Original Punk!!!" Indeed!!!!

This is my vintage buy, in a brand new condition for $20!! 
A pretty woven leather oxford Kumfs made in New Zealand!! 

So the fashion week in New York escalates our fashion appetite to this fall already!! I was browsing through Christopher kane's 2010 collection n' am happy about those pretty embroidered embellishment on the dresses. I don't know how far we could date those embellishment to, but certainly we see more and more Asia influences in fashion design, and even on runway models.

Can' stop exclaiming about the superb embellishment done on the leather!!!

So it is the first pic. of collared fur reminds me of MYSELF!! hee....

Heavy Machine Shoes: Taiwanese designer: Yoyo


Random Diary (1) ......The Pattern:both the behavior n' my clothes' stripes!!

I was talking to my friend, Isabel, on the phone yesterday. We were talking about how are they going to celebrate their 10 years wedding anniversary this year.  

....... I am envious, not only their marriage is 3 years longer than mine but also she is getting a HUGE diamond ring for it. haha....! 

Vain?!! Of course, otherwise this world would be so darn boring , right?!!! Lol.

We also talked about people's success is not a random cause.  It is luck + certain pattern!! She recommends me to read about a book called "Outlier" which has more detailed analysis about how different people comes from different backgrounds become so dominant successful in certain works of life!!! how does it relates to my behavior pattern

Well, Isabel said that it seems I would shop for vintage stuff quite intensively during the end of a year n' early of the year!! ^O^

Ha~~ right!!!! I thought about my spending behavior... it is because everything on sale is past season n' current season stuff is still priced insanely high. Plus, I have not made my mind what's worth to spend in a full price!!!  ^O^ That's my spending behavior......... alright, nothing to do w/ the book neither!!

*sigh* Recession makes inflation rise exponentially!!!!  

My ODJ!!

1. Top:
Splendid stripes tee
Kate Spade no-collar coat
2. Bottom:
Y-3 big pocket cropped pants
3. Accessory:
cashmere blend knitting scarf
Diesel white mesh suspender 
Louis Vuitton silver hoop earrings w/ 3 charms
Chanel 08' multiple pearl necklace w/ rhinestones
4. Shoes: Vintage Kumfs brown woven oxford

It is better/structured to add a scarf around the neck for no-collared coat. 
I think that makes your ensemble look more intact from head to toe!!

You know, I think those two pockets fit in couple bottles n' diapers...haha..

My recent furniture purchase is less than $300 just for the look!!!

Don't forget the random diary part 2. 
xoxo Rachel

25 February, 2010

Grin, Green, Grain!!

So I love green color, all kinds of its various shades.
Yesterday, Pei, Cathy n' Ann were having a great time together n' catching up w/ each other. We are the bunch of friends who knows each other's luxury addiction.....and we are completely fine w/ that!!!  As some of my friends told me that they normally dress DOWN in front of their other gal friends.  @@

I always say, everyone does whatever make themselves n' people around them comfortable!! Would it be the way they talk to each other, the outfits they presented in front of non-fashionable gals, the humble attitude they deal w/ each other, something they hide from each other to save their ego.....etc..... this makes the world more harmony I assume!!! ^O^

  • Linda Loudermilk bamboo asymmetrical blazer
  • Max Mara neon green tank w/ twist at back
  • Stella Luna patent black gladiator heels
  • Chanel 09' beige medium/large classic 
No matter how hard it is to put on or take off our heels, it is a courtesy to "remove thy shoes" before entering a friend's house if that's their house rule!!! :)

Pei's cute n' cozy slippers from J Crew! 
We love that grain/wheat color n' adorable bows!

  • HM abstract floral/camouflage draped skirt
  • American Apparel green w/ silver zig-zag tights
All the twisted/drapes details keep my back view interesting!!

I found this Vintage hat for $18. 
We all love the half bow n' little crystals (the veiling is all torn out n' I had to find a way to restore it).

I think I worked out too hard these two thighs are sore, shoulders are aching.....but I love the feeling of being toned!!! :)

Have a busy n' fun day!! xoxo Rachel


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