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An Ensemble That Could Never Go Wrong!!!

I went to WholeFoods market today to start my food shopping for Valentine's party this weekend.  Then a girl came to me n' said that she has to comment on my outfit ..... Very sharp!! 

I smiled back n' said Thank you!!

......... then I was thinking....... This outfit would compliment almost everyone in my opinion. Oh, yes, I know you are going to say because I have "LEGS" so I can wear shorts...blah blah...blah......

The truth is...

Pick up a cropped, or Bermuda, or just a slim legged trousers...or whichever would elongate your whole proportion even if you don't have "legs" but definitely choose a pair of pants which makes you feel confident or even a bit cocky.  haha......

The key is....

The right attitude....  (just like my friend, Catherine said!!) 
Maybe wear your clothes like you are acting-feeling the clothes..... I don't know... .. use some imagination here!! ^O^

1. Top:
Lilla P. brown turtleneck
Theory velvet blazer (bought at vintage shop for $18) Hooray!!! 
 2. Bottom: 
liquid high waist shorts
3. Accessory:
Hobo international distressed suede brown messenger bag
Steve for steve madden studs belt
knitting scarf
Hue charcoal gray hosiery 
4. Shoes: Givenchy wedge booties 

Hope you have some fun here!!! 


Julia said…
that is a great outfit!

incredible- you got that theory blazer for 18 bucks?! now i feel i way over spent on my blazers...grr
janettaylor said…
Love that color harmony! :-)
Ur bag is the best!

Betsy C. said…
What a great outfit! I want to admit that after seeing you in several shorts + tights ensembles, I tried it myself just earlier this week and it was a huge hit (for myself, at least)! I don't have great legs like you but you are right, it's the attitude that counts. In fact, I also paired it with a blazer too. :D

Anyway, to answer your question before, we have no definite plans for Valentine's yet b/c of CNY, but we are going to see "Ovo" this weekend. Yay! And I don't have a huge "must-have-now" item on my wish list either so... perhaps a romantic dinner one night. Maybe Manresa restaurant in Los Gatos? hehehehe...
Ah I so so so agree, it's all about your attitude most of the time! I've seen people decked into highest fashions but they just didn't "own" the look and so it made them appear messy and not trendy. Love your outfit, your shorts look perfect with those tights!
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Julia:
you know the blazer is from second hand which don't count...but the thing is I am still amazed that people do donate good stuff. (since i bought it at Discovery store for cancer foundation, everything is donated to there.) I am so regret not getting a velvet blazer 08' but now I am so happy I found a perfect one ... and can't believe it is size 6 but still fit me well....well, I can only say either I got "stronger" around the shoulder or the size runs so tiny before...who know that jacket is from how many seasons ago!!!

But how much you pay for new blazer of yours?
litlstrawberry said…
WOw.... Betsy:
I am so so so happy to hear you say that you tried something after getting the inspiration here. I guess it is like a "commercial" thing.... overly exposed style finally convince you. :)

Ah, a dinner sounds great. DH is not into FOOD...and he asks me to find ONE that I wanna go.. well, you know, then it kills the fun of it!!! Anyway, back to you, how do you like the Lanvin bag you got?!! I can't believe I went back to BNY to get the turn-locks twice...I guess I must make good use of it then. :P

You know, I never go back to purse Forum .. after I don't know when but since Isabel still asks me all sorts of opinions of Chanel bags......well, I got myself something and I think that might be the last Chanel I will get!!!! :P

It is good that you don't have anything wanting in have to talk to me more often to remind me that .... think of nothing, nothing to desire, nothing to lust for... I mean luxury stuff. haha..
litlstrawberry said…
Thank you, thanksgiving girl..... I think some people just needed more TIME and more honest opinions or more good friends to develop the fashion sense, style tips....whatever it is. :) I believe that kind of "SKILL" can be trained or learned ..... (even maybe not to the highest point, but confidence will be build up.) over time.

Can't wait to see what you are thank-for tomorrow.... :) I love your recent posts a lot!!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Janet:
Thank you.

I also think I found the best color of blazer and that rich color makes the whole ensemble complete!!

Yes, the Hobo is a New York based women designers (group) and I feel great of buying their stuff.... a bit encouragement to small designer team.) It is by far the cheapest bag which I love no less in my bags collection.
susanh98 said…
Hey R;

You do look sharp! The color compliments you very well.
So are you planning a Vday party for the kids at your house?
Yes i'm very happy :) I love my bal bags i keep feeling the leather. hahaha. it's just so nice to touch it.
Well i'm like you i hope i can keep reminding myself that i don't NEED anything....must stop shopping. hahaha.
What are you planning for chinese new year? Are you still planning to go back to TPE in the next few months?
Julia said…
Hi Rachel,

yeah people donate good stuff sometimes. i did. good but unwanted any more...

i think size was smaller before, you are right. and i think you got stronger on the shoulder area because you go to gym regularly, it happened to me too. it is a good thing to have a toned and shapely shoulder, look nice in blazer and dress. :)

the newest blazer i got was that white wool DvF blazer. its original price was $450, i got it at 40% off. a size 4. - i dont want my blazer look tight on me, especially boyfriend style, you want it looks a little loose.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Susan:
thank you so much!! :) I just found out those color coordinated on me is brown n' gray only, and black shorts. Brown bag w/ brown turtle neck, gray blazer w/ gray tights .. and surprisingly not too dull at all. :)

haha..... good thing that you are so in love w/ your bal. bag. I wish I can get another color of bal. bag too but I have way too many other things in the wish list...oh, well. .....

I am not just planning party for kids.....but mainly for we adults!! haha..... I figured that if my DH is not romantic enough to take me out for a nice dinner then why don't I plan a WHOLE romantic party for my lovely couple friends..... so I invited total 4 other couples to have Swiss Cheese Fondue dinner at my house!!!! :) There are so much to do before the party so I better get ready ... plans bit by bit everyday till then!!!!
litlstrawberry said…
Morning, Judy:

That's not bad at all for $250 to get a new blazer... it is very feminine posh looking of jacket.

I think I need to do pilate to stretch my muscles a bit... gets too chunky n/ Yu started making comments on my shoulder.....haha..
LS said…
love love love your outfit! I hope you will take pictures at your valentine's day party, it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. I love themed parties :)
litlstrawberry said…
LS: Thanks, dear.

I will take as many picture as possible however, don't expect too much since I am only focus on friends n' their lovers gathering!! :)

Oh, here is the long standing tradition for our Swiss Cheese fondue pot rules: whoever lose a dip in the pot will have to kiss their sweetie...hahahahaha...
LS said…
hahaha that swiss cheese fondue tradition is so cute! I hope that your fondue will be a success too!

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