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Kids n' Game!!

I can't believe that I totally forgot about Sonia Rykiel pour H&M on Sat. until Yu called me around noon.*sigh*, I'd wish that she didn't call me at all so I don't even bother to make a plan to go UP to SF city in the afternoon or on Sunday if DH didn't get my *HINT*!! :P

Well, WE did go to SF city this morning after my kids' piano practice.  Oh, I hope there are still something left for me...... oh, and in my size!!.......(this was all in my head before we went to SF city!! :P) 

Yes, I was impatient n' full of anxiety when listening to my kids' piano practice.  Yu told me that she couldn't think for another second n' had to grab a bag when there are only 2 in each store, one is in her hand n' the other one is a DISPLAY..

..........and you might guess it right, there is another woman asked about the very same bag holding in Yu's hand at that moment!!!! 

Ha, TWO triggers, what would you do?!!

Me?!! Of course, buy the bag n' think about keeping it or not later!!! Especially when Yu told me that bag is only $20 around.... NOW, I am anxious to see what kind of bag that Yu laid her eyes on w/ that cheap price!! hum....... I know You want to know too!!! ^O^

I even call H&M in Powell st. in advance to make sure that it is worthwhile to go up there!!! ^O^ If it is not because they have children's SR collection, I would not even bother at all!!! 

After OVO show, we went to Lake Tahoe. Kids went to ski board school there.  And then next week, we are taking kids to see the show "Disney on ICE". All these kids' oriented activities make me realized that they are our everything!! Of course, I still enjoy every minute of life but I know their future is held by our parent's hands!!!!

The marble sliding game is one of my children's favorite. You can configure it anyway you want!! 

This is my son n' daughter, (Niel & Abby), current obsession -- tic tac toe!!

A sporty look w/ Chanel tweed jacket 08' !!
It looks I had leg tattoos!! :)

Children love rain. They never forget carrying their umbrellas or wearing their rain-boots when it rains!! ^O^

Finally I told DH that I want to take a look at SR collection for H&M n' also planned along a route for kids to have fun as well. ..... Academy of Science Museum!!!

See, it is not so bad even when it rains in SF city.

I learned one new creature in the museum today...... do you remember my degrading roses leggings' brand name, Daddy Long legs!!??
Daddy Long leg legging.
I found out that it is a spider(kind). ..... creepy ~ but I still don't know where the name came from!! Interesting!!

Have a good Monday.... I have something from SR collection which doesn't fit Abby at all to return tomorrow.


janettaylor said…
What a fun post! That spider is creepy, but I love it. :-) By the way I'm crazy for your Chanel tweed jacket. Yummy!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Schnappy Jewelry giveaway!♥

Good luck!

LOL! I mom can do anything for her kids!! I think SR only have kids clothes for girls, right? See??!! You can buy so many nice clothes if you have a daughter...LOL!

In the US, do you have to queue from like 7am for a few hours to get into the store and then grab whatever they have for H&M crossovers? In HK, the queue is horrible for every H&M cross-over release, and everybody is limited to buy only a few pieces. LOL! That's why I never buy any H&M crossover coz the thought of queuing up for several hours and then have to go through the massive crowd makes me sick. :P

Can't wait to see what Yu got! Hehehehhehe!

BTW, I received the Erickson Beamon bird necklace this morning! I'm so in love! Very very pretty! You should get it too R!! Thanks again for the inspiration! :D

Take care and have a nice week ahead!

The marble sliding game is somethign I've never played or even heard of, nor as a kid, not now! lol But it looks like it's fun and very educational for kids.

Daddy Long Legs is a very weird name indeed! Both for leggings and for a spider lol

The 7th photo of you and your daughter is too adorable for words! You look gorgeous and shes making such a cute face :)

And regarding the msacarpone cheese with berries - it does go together perfectly! It's such a healthy, nutritous, good looking, fast and easy to make dessert, I think it's perfect for kids too. I think mascarpone goes great with fruit and berries because it's very similar in nature and texture to cream and yogurt, and those are famously tasty with fruit and berries too. If you decide to make it at home, do not hesitate to post pictures :) Oh and btw, you cam also use it as a filling for pancakes! I think to make the right mascarpone cheese cream you dont need to add to much to teh cheese, so it should be easy.
Ginger and Roxy said…
Love the shoes!!!!!! :)


tam pham said…
love the jacket! such an unexpected way to wear it!
susanh98 said…
Hey R;

So curious to see if you scored anything at H&M! I like your brown leather jacket and your pics with kids are always so adorable :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: totally understand about not liking to wait in the line for things. In fact, me neither and I guess that's why I forgot all about it on Sat. morning. anyway, I got something for us 3 girls....and I think I am going to wear that to Disney on Ice show this Sun. ...haha....... Just because the colors are so vibrant n' it is perfect fun dress to wear to that kind of kid's show as well.

hum...the necklace, I know it is pretty but I want to see if I can see it IRL before I purchase it. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Susan:
how are you?

What did you get for your Valentine's? I know it must be something... :P

well, I got something from SR pink dress, stripes leggings, a yellow w/ bow cardigan, a cami w/ its very very very short bottom...(DH asked me if that's for the beach wear..ahha...) I am going to wear the pink dress to Disney show this sun. and of course, w/ other accessories to jazz up the look. haha....

I am planning to go back to Taipei this summer...and this time it is serious since I even skip attending my brother's wedding next month. Kid's school work n' piano lessons are a big concern to me and I really dont' like to leave my son only to Dh...... anyway, how is your little daughter? :) Are you sending her to school this year?
Purse Addict said…
I love that last pic of you holding your little girl!! SO cute <3
Betsy C. said…
Hey Rachel - That tic tac toe game looks so unique! Is it easy to break cuz it looks like it's made of ceramic or something.

Happy to hear that you did make it to H&M to check out the SR collection. So did you have to fight the crowds or was it not too bad at all. I'm like Mia where I just can't seem to make myself queue up and fight thru the crowds, so I don't even bother. There were a few times in the previous crossover collections where I really wanted to see, but gave up because of the thought of driving up there (w/kids) and trying to fight the other gals. I'm more lazy that way. :P

So you're heading back to Taipei for summer? I've been toying with that idea too b/c I want the kids to learn some more Mandarin by going to summer school there or something. But... who knows, I'm not crazy about the humidity and mosquitoes so we'll see.

Can't wait to see what you got at the SR collection though.
susanh98 said…
Hi R;

I can't wait to see the SR outfits. I bet your kids will really enjoy Disney on ice. Seems like when kids get older they have soooo many activities! It consumes our lives right? We also will be going back to taiwan this summer. My son can take more classes so he can refresh his mandarin. When we first came back he was doing great but as he went back to school he now just speaks english. sigh....
My daughter is 17 months now and I'm considering sending her when she turns 2 but I kind of want to still keep her at home because she's still my baby. hahahaha.
But it would help me have more free time for my work. We'll see.
For V-day I got 2 pairs of shoes one CL one pair of Jimmy Choo's. I love your presents ;) Your new chanel is beautiful can't wait to see you carrying her. I wonder if the caviar and lamb differ a lot in color cus mine looks different. Looks so pretty now I wish i got mine with gold hw. hahaha.
Anyway have a great week!

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