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26 February, 2010

Random Diary (2)........ Christopher kane 2010 n' Heavy Machine shoes!!!!

Finally, Yu told me what's that $20 worth of a bag!! 

Then I was like ^%$#^&*^@#... Ok, I bought that one too and H&M has tons in SF city. The reason I bought it is for Heidi not even me!!!! I shouldn't keep my expectation up too high when it comes to a $20 worth of bag...... lol.

You certainly can use those cute pins for other clothes I assume!!

I never had a chance to show you the inside lining of my runway organic Linda Loudermilk blazer.... it is even cooler than outside!!
"Nature is the Original Punk!!!" Indeed!!!!

This is my vintage buy, in a brand new condition for $20!! 
A pretty woven leather oxford Kumfs made in New Zealand!! 

So the fashion week in New York escalates our fashion appetite to this fall already!! I was browsing through Christopher kane's 2010 collection n' am happy about those pretty embroidered embellishment on the dresses. I don't know how far we could date those embellishment to, but certainly we see more and more Asia influences in fashion design, and even on runway models.

Can' stop exclaiming about the superb embellishment done on the leather!!!

So it is the first pic. of collared fur reminds me of MYSELF!! hee....

Heavy Machine Shoes: Taiwanese designer: Yoyo



Michael St. James said...

You are the chicest mom on the planet! LOVE this ensemble!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike...*shy*!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Heavy Machine is a hella funny name for a pair of shoes but they look like the can actually be comfortable... Love your outfit in the picture! And love the shoes from the runway!


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