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09 February, 2010

Unwanted; Need to be Improvised and Previously Experimented styles!!!

So sorry that I have been busy preparing house Valentine's Party and couldn't update blog as daily basis!!

The party is over so I can save the REAL one for family next week!! :) We had a Swiss Cheese Fondue dinner n' a little game: 
A long standing tradition that states anyone who loses a
dipper in the fondue pot has to kiss his or her sweetie!!

Last weekend, 3 out of 5 couples in my guests who had been kissed by the other one including ME!! :P Shy....... ^O^
However, while I was busy in the kitchen, Cathy dropped her dipper n' couldn't even get it out, therefore, she is the lucky one who got away w/ it!! ......... darn!! :P

Here are couple looks of me over these days... I am not really impressed by those looks but sure you know how much I love experimenting. 

Floral leggings w/ floral mini ruffle skirt

$48 floral oxford from URBN (!

A more practical Perle Vernis LV tote w/ new LV straps.
(Make good use of a long-lost, previously loved accessories!)

My casual look.

An experiment!! --- The corset ---- Lingerie wear!!
Bottega Veneta (
Unfussy, un-itimidating simple corset.

Fergie: A cocktail dress cinched with a black patent corset!

I think w/ corset, my waist can be shrunken down to 24' !!! :)

I also tried corset over a simple baby-doll dress!

Should try wearing a corset over fitted dresses some time!!!

I should be able to update my blog regularly, so stay tuned!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Michael St. James said...

I can't believe those floral oxfords are only $48!!! Fab Find!

LS said...

I'm glad that your valentine's day party was a success! It sounds like you guys had lots of fun!
I really like the outfit where you are wearing the floral printed oxford, especially the white coat, it's so chic yet the assymetrical closure adds such a fun twist to it!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh R! Cheese fondue!! Love it!! :D

BTW, H&M has a similar floral oxford flats as yours, can't remember the price but I think around the same as your U.O. ones. Nice experiments you have. LOL! But did you just say you need a corset to make your waist 24"???!!! No waaay! I thought your waist is like 22" only!!! You must be kidding girl!

I am so lazy these days to update my blog. I actually have so much to share about my Burma trip and my Hermes & Chanel loot...LOL! But I just came back from Singapore and then now I'm busy with Chinese New Year preparation. You know it's a big thing here. Will you go back to Taipei for CNY? Or just stay in US?

Anyway, have a nice week ahead!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Ls:
Thanks. I think it is a great idea to spend Val. w/ friends..... when all of us have kids already... :)
how about your Val. plan?

litlstrawberry said...

hha.. Mia:
we are the same laziness, I guess. however, it is not really lazy....on the contrary, we are TOO BUSY!!!

Too bad that we are not going back for CNY since I really want to take our whole family to Europe again during summer...which means, we need a lot of saving to make that trip come true!!!

I know, I think you need to find a time to post your loot after CNY. Don't waste those goodies in your closet...gotta share w/ us!! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh I love corsets! Not easy to incorporate one in a moder girl's everyday wardrobe, but you seem to be pulling it off nciely!

susanh98 said...

hey R;

Seems like the party was a lot of fun. I like how romantic the outfit with the oxford shoes looks. and you are rocking the corset! great outfits :)


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