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01 February, 2010

Something NEW, Something OLD, Something Ancient!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend n' decided which gift you want for Valentine's already!!!! :) I know, best yet, you already got it!!!! ^O^

I found some pretty high fashion pictures over the weekend and my friend, Cathy, also shared some cool ones w/ me. So here they are!!

Cathy loved that pair of Omelle cut-out heels worn on the model!!
High fashion + exquisite furniture (That's a lamp) = aesthetic pleasure!!!

I can totally copy the look of patterned purple tights + Christian Louboutin cut-out fringe heels w/ my Daddy Long legs floral hosiery. 

They are considered past season styles but isn't it just like when we review the past, we also step into the future!!  :) 


I think I am going to try the look w/ tights for this heels in the future. 

This is current Ferragamo 2010.  Confusingly, I found a picture and there is a man's pants which looks just like that from 2008 fashion magazine.

Ferragamo 2010 Runway

2008 New York "STREET" magazine

That's Miss Sixty 2010 s/s new jeans.
Same style w/ that BAT-like details. 


1. Top: 
  • J Crew yellow-mustard-green turtle neck 
  • DKNY scarf cardigan
2. Bottom: Diesel white jeans
3. Accessory: 
Louis Vuitton 06' LTD perle vernis tote
Louis Vuitton 08' red heart coin purse
Max & Co. brown oversize buckle belt
4. Shoes: Jimmy Choo snake skin boots

That's my tradition to carry that red heart coin purse on Valentine's!! :)

Now we step into ancient (not literally)..... the 80' Escada drape cardigan!!
I found it at a second hand shop. 

It states: Made in West Germany by SRB....which I have no idea what's SRB?

It is blended w/ superkid mohair, wool, n' alpaka which makes it super warm when wearing.

Love the detail patterns, ribbon piping and it is such a classic piece. 

I love this cardigan so much that I have been wearing it around n' outside the house this whole week. DH feels it a little creepy .......... oh, well...... :P

Ok, time for some good movies!! 

NOTE: Do buy a Valentine's cards .... whether it be for your hubby, BF, or even friends, wouldn't everyone love an old fashion way of greeting!!

See you!!!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Adorable picture of you with the kids :) Your boy looks like a ninja haha

I like the look of the CL fringe booties with the leggings, so looking forward to seeing you try it out yourself. And in this pic that your friend Cathy liked, I like how the cut out booties go so well with those cut out leggings. Oh, and I love DKNY cardy with the drapery detail in the front, I've been a sucker for this style for a while now!! Whenever I see something Like that I just want to buy it right away lol I like how with some of the particular designs you can tie the front pieces in a knot, have you tried that? I have one that looks a lot like yours, almost the same color, just sleeveless and I loved wearing it over a simple white tank in the summer.

LS said...

I actually didn't end up buying the top, I've been a good girl and haven't bought myself anything recently since I'm trying to save up for something else- except I bought a charm for my Pandora bracelet the other day which doesn't really count haha.
Anyway, I love your different outfit posts as usual and I love that cute little V-day themed welcome sign you hung on your door.

I actually don't know what I want for V-day, but I told dBF to surprise me because I'm tired of always picking my own gifts.
I actually got him his gift already and I was so excited about it because he has been looking for it for more than half a year that I ruined the surprise and told him about it and gave it to him already.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Julia:
I know exactly what you are talking about buying that drape-like cardi/vest/.... it is an instant style pop thing!! :) I got couple things like that "drape" look and I had this DKNY cardi. in 2008 and never really wears it since blazer becomes my first option to go w/ my outfits. I can imagine this kind of drape cardi. would look trec chic on you!!!

Oh, I totally want to try leggings/tights w/ cut-out booties, heels or peep-toe shoes and sometimes it looks better that way than wearing w/ bare feet. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hi, ls:
Saving is always good as I think I am in a ban starting from "today" :P.

I went on line to check out what's Pandora bracelet...and wow, it is pretty!! And yes, a charm doesn't count so you just keep up the hard work of SAVING for BIG!!! :)

Oh, I am preparing Valentine's party for couple families and I wanted to try Swiss cheese fondue at I am researching how to make that at home..AND I still need to buy fondue set first. haha..... Hopefully I can make it so no one will be starting!

Yes, I always ruin the surprises when giving gifts to my I am too excited and want to see his reaction....well......

Ah, wish you got something special from your dBF n' of course, anything from him would be special already!!!

wulanasihsetyarini said...

so nice blog..

Mona P said...

Rachel, I love your A. Wang (if I am not mistaken) skirt and Loubotin heels. Looking good!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Wulan: thanks. You live in Solo which is in Java Island?

Hope you enjoy yourself w/ friends. :)

litlstrawberry said...

thank you, Mona.


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