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26 February, 2010

Odds n' Ends... Look of the Day!!

This post would dedicate to my friend, Yu, if she allowed me to show her full figure. ^O^ However, she didn't grand me so I simply share everything left in my photos along w/ her look of the day. :P


Ms. Yu-Chia in Target. 

London Fog taupe patent boots, Marc Jacob tote.

After I bought my first pair of London Fog patent/rain boots last year, most of my gal fashionista can't seem to get enough of them. 

I took off the bows from Juicy Contour's shopping bag n' glue them on my oxford brogues. That's an instant update w/o spending a dime!! I am excited as the brown bows matches so well w/ the shoes and I don't care about that outdated soles at all now!!  

As long as Juicy Contour keeps their shopping bag in stock, I can replace new bows anytime. lol

My friend, Cathy, is a puck n' boho style mixer!!

Her perfectly torn Frankie B. jeans!!!

Last thing to share w/ you!!
I can't seem to recall this cropped leather biker vest is Mike n' Chris or .... well, it is $495 in nordstrom!! 

Have a fab. weekend!! I will make sure I update my look from SR pour H&M on Sunday.... xoxo Rachel


MadsaboutU said...

great idea with the bows!:)And the color of those patent boots is stunning.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Cute bows! What a neat DIY project :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks,madsaboutU and Julia. hope you two have a great Saturday night!!!

t said...

cute outfit! :)

wingsofsong said...

Hello hello! Do you still remember me? I was the girl on TPF who bought the Chanel 08 star pin because I first saw it in one of your modeling pics. Do you still use yours? :D I stumbled upon your blogs in one of your sigs, and I'm sad to see you don't update the Chinese one anymore!

Betsy C. said...

Have a great weekend with the girls! I know you had mentioned it a while back that you have plans this weekend.

Anyway, love the London fog boots on Yu. I almost got 'em after seeing yours but I wasn't sure if my fat calves would look good in them. Oh well. They do come in so handy these days with the rain and all.

litlstrawberry said...

小翼: Sure, I remember you. I still wearing my Chanel star brooch cause' star symbol is always so popular in the summer. I hope you wear yours very often. :)

Yeh, in fact, I thought about updating my Chinese blog couple weeks ago when I had something in mind to share... but my Chinese typing is as slow as a snail ... but seriously, maybe I really should start practicing it n' write some Chinese essay ... this week!!! :)


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