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22 February, 2010


Yu n' my family spent a great n' unforgettable Valentine's Day together in Reno last week. 

We skied everyday like there is no more snow tomorrow....ha...(I assume we two families are very competitive w/ each other too..hahahah...) The pros are kids had fun, me n' Yu both had 2 snowboarding lessons n' a big feast of surprising Valentine's dinner. 

Why I said it was a surprised Valentines' dinner? 

No, our DHs didn't plan anything since our trip is a last minute plan. 

We are lucky enough to find a decent restaurant "The Grill" in Reno n' the owner/manager is friendly enough to let us whole group stinky n' ugly enough outfits to dine there. lol 

We still had our ski suits on n' all the customers looked at us all wired when walked in w/ bunch of kids that night!! ^O^
The kids??!!
Happily sat at another table!!!

So what do I get for Valentine's? 

A family trip to Lake Tahoe. 
A Catier Ring. 
A Ena 5 Coffee machine. (finally... and I drink my coffee at home everyday ever since ... until I notice my throat starts to show the syndrome of being short of iron these days.....haha..... )
A Classic ~~
I am out of breath. 

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
J Crew shirt
Max & Co. taupe/brown leather bomber jacket
2. Bottom: IRO high waist tapered pants
3. Accessory: 
Balenciaga sunglasses 08' 
Hermes Gris T. Birkin 35cm
AJ scarf
4. Shoes: MaxMara black clog

I was cooking dinner while DH took these photos. 

I never change to casual outfit even when I am home. 


Too lazy, no time to change cause
 there are 5 mouths to feed, n' didn't seem the necessary, ...

Afraid of cooking oil splashing on clothes?
Why not? So I can get new clothes!! :P

Looking good every minute in my life for myself n' for my family!!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Hehe I like it how your kids peak in some of your photos!! :) Glad you chose the bag in beige, LOVE it! And yay for the coffee machine, the ring and the family trip, I remember you posting your wish list :) It's also cool that kids got to sit at another table, bet they felt like grown ups haha

P.S. I don't do yoga. I tried for a few months but realized it wasn't really my type of thing. Maybe I'm just not too patient to hold the poses for too long lol I prefer something more dinamyc and that involves more of the vigorous movement!

Mascarpone is not sweet on its own, yes! That's why last time I said that in order to make this mascarpone cream you need to be adding something to it...

Here, a few recipes for you:

And here they add honey to it like suggested:

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

P.S. Frgot to comment about the Russian tea cakes... It's funny but I don't think we really have something like that here!! :)

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh R! Glad you enjoyed Reno (forgive my innocence coz I don't know where it is but I'm sure it's a great place. :D)!

And I'm so glad you got the beige clair classic medium with gold hw!!! We are now cousins (I have the jumbo size and it's one of my fave classics)!! Yay! You will find it so versatile and elegant. Can't wait to see you rock this bag!


P.S. Oh, if you see Yu, please help me ask about her Lindy size and color..thanks so much again!! Really appreciate it! :D

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh.....BTW, is your beige caviar the 09A/09C beige clair or the new 10C beige? My friend wants to see the new beige so if yours is the new beige color, then I can point her to your picture. :D The new beige color code is 21011, the beige clair from 09A/09C is 21209. Please see if you can help check the color code of your bag so I can tell my friend. :D Thanks again R!!


janettaylor said...

Love Ur outfit and your new Chanel is brilliant! Lucky U!

LS said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun at Reno! And Congratulations on all the gifts that you received on Valentine's day! You got almost everything that you had on your list!
Also, is that the new leather bomber jacket you were telling me about! I really like the sleeves :)

tam pham said...

love the new chanel! want to see a shot of the cartier ring! the kids look so cute at dinner :-)!

litlstrawberry said...

yes, LS, that's my new Max & Co. leather jacket. The color is unique n' they did special treatment to the looks very similar to the effect on my Alexander Wang Coco Duffel bag..... patches n' like croc embossed texture.

Julia said...

guess what, i carried my beige flap today too... beige/nude is one of popular colors this season.

Mona P said...

Congrats on getting things that were on your wishlist! Sounds like you had a fantastic time in Reno!

You look great!

litlstrawberry said...

Girls: thanks for sharing your thoughts w/ me. I hardly keep up posting n' chatting these days.... it seems there is a lot in my mind n' somehow I don't know what to focus....myself, my passion for EVERYTHING!!! :P

But sure I will try to catch up w/ your questions n' chat very soon....!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, thanksgiving girl, you know, it is really funny that lots of dishes doesn't even exist but they invent the name in USA. haha.. like General chicken, there is no such dishes in China at all. hahahah..

Mia, I promise I will ask Yu tomorrow when our TRX n' power yoga class.

hehe... thanks girls, I think I should leave the time for blogging now...before the clock hit 12 AM!!!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Mia: the Lindy is Solile n' size 30cm!

My beige is 20129.

Good luck!!

le fabuleux amelie said...

love your blog - very stylish and informative - Love your Hermes birkin and the accessories - I have eyed on an Evelyne PM and would like to get it from SF boutique, I don't know any SA in that SF Hermes store, if you don't mind, would you recommend your SA to me? Thank you^^

litlstrawberry said...

thanks. My sa is Reko. You can mention "Rachel" referred her!! :) Good luck!!


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