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24 February, 2010

Style?!! What is it!!? Fun, It is!!

Pei asked me how come there is so little pic. on my blog these days....?

Really? You think so?

Hum.... maybe I am too busy in meditating my future instead of blogging them out in words!!

But I tell you what I am thinking about these days: Life is not just simple me, DH n' my 3 kids. It constantly involves myself w/ inner me, my ego, my desire, my plan for myself n' even my responsibilities being a mom, a wife n' to be a good friend. Whichever should come first is always a struggle for me!!!! 

Kids, of course!! You said!! 

But they eventually will be grown-ups. And I want to be prepared before they all gone. I couldn't waste a minute in life w/o having fun n' enjoying it!! 

What? That's what you are worrying about?!! You yelled!! :P

Oh, yea, that's why I can still be myself n' have kids n' be romantic after getting married. -----"Love yourself first." 
(I have consistently being asked about how can I enjoy life, myself n' w/ 3 children around.) I think this is WHY!!!!

Back to .... whatever!!
So it is street style in our era!

If you wear like that, you will see almost people in the whole world wear the same style/clothes as you do!! Nothing wrong w/ that, that's why we call it TREND!! ^O^

My dear friend, Cathy, in her braided hair n' denim look!!

Simple denim trend follower!! :)
Love the pink shirt underneath n' the one w/ pink dots over it. 

I like layering but not all the layering would make us look tall n' slim.... I notice even those models wouldn't look that slender in those pretty lace/floral pants/leggings anymore. :P  Wanna try it??!! :P

I was playing w/ my chiffon w/ crochet trim scarf in my backyard as I notice our tree is in blossom w/ white little flowers.

This is the only trend that I found the hardest to pull it off. Unless you bought them straight from the runway, o.w. i don't think the look can be recreated from our wardrobe!!!!! ^O^

My Modern tribe look!!
The hat is for protecting my hair....but well, why not! It could be part of my style!!

1. Top:
Marc Jacob green dress 
 Escada Vintage sweater
2. Accessory:
Viviene Westwood floral sheer leggings
Africa white turquoise spike necklace w/ silver square beads (From designer friend, Elfi)
white leather belt
3. Shoes: Calvin Klein
Maybe I can carry a sword in that belt..... hehe.......  Samurai!! LOL

Have a good Wednesday!!! xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

In that sreet style photo you posted I really like the first look and I can totally imagine you pulling it off!! I know what you mean about loving yourself. I also think it's imortant and key in staying young and interesting as opposed to people who get all caught up in marriage and start living only for the kids... Which can be a good thing too, but from my own experience and observation I think kids themselves love it when their parents stay active, fun and interesting, embracing their own hobbies and passions!

janettaylor said...

Love Ur tights, doll!

Charles said...

i love all the photos! that one of you and the white blossom tree is amazing! (love those black booties a LOT!!!)

tam pham said...

that green dress is TO DIE FOR! you're such a stylish mommy!

happy wednesday to you!

Michael St. James said...

oooo...LOVE the modern tribe look!

Mona P said...

Rachel, I have been having similar thoughts lately as well.

I think your kids will appreciate you even more later on in their life, when they see that you have not been just a Mom/housewife, but also your own person. It is important to establish yourself now rather than later. Kids grow up and leave eventually, it is important to have something of your own, something meaningful to look forward to in life.

LS said...

I actually really like the chiffon with crochet scarf that you played around with! I'd love to see more posts with it!
Once again, I love how comfy your vintage Escada cardigan looks!

Schnappy said...

good photos! Cathy combo is cool, I love this boat!

litlstrawberry said...

Good morning, thanksgiving girl. I see you are indulging yourself w/ lots of healthy sweet treats these days.... thanks for the receipt. I think I want to make pan cakes for breakfast this weekend for my kids again!!
Thanks again.

Yes, your observation is very detail n' that's very true. You know, sometimes I am wondering if moms put too much energy/love to their sons, and that's why mother-in-law n' daughter-in-law are always hard issues over the centuries. haha... so I am not going to make it hard for my children. Let them handle their family when they are all away from home. :P

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Charles. Your style always has a whimsical easygoing spirit in it.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, tam. You too, have a good Thursday.

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mona: thanks for supporting here. You know, I have been thinking of taking some classes about styling... you know, just to strengthen the skill of colors, materials..sort of!!!

Anyway, I guess every now and then we women would think about the same thing then deal w/ it our own way. Let's keep up our HARD work n' pampering ourselves at the same time. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

thanks. LS. I love that scarf too n' it is even great for spring/summer time. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Mike!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Tam Pham: thanks, and I know, green dress is always a pop of "style". :) ha~

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Janettaylor, you are always very sweet!!


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