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26 February, 2010

Random Diary (1) ......The Pattern:both the behavior n' my clothes' stripes!!

I was talking to my friend, Isabel, on the phone yesterday. We were talking about how are they going to celebrate their 10 years wedding anniversary this year.  

....... I am envious, not only their marriage is 3 years longer than mine but also she is getting a HUGE diamond ring for it. haha....! 

Vain?!! Of course, otherwise this world would be so darn boring , right?!!! Lol.

We also talked about people's success is not a random cause.  It is luck + certain pattern!! She recommends me to read about a book called "Outlier" which has more detailed analysis about how different people comes from different backgrounds become so dominant successful in certain works of life!!! how does it relates to my behavior pattern

Well, Isabel said that it seems I would shop for vintage stuff quite intensively during the end of a year n' early of the year!! ^O^

Ha~~ right!!!! I thought about my spending behavior... it is because everything on sale is past season n' current season stuff is still priced insanely high. Plus, I have not made my mind what's worth to spend in a full price!!!  ^O^ That's my spending behavior......... alright, nothing to do w/ the book neither!!

*sigh* Recession makes inflation rise exponentially!!!!  

My ODJ!!

1. Top:
Splendid stripes tee
Kate Spade no-collar coat
2. Bottom:
Y-3 big pocket cropped pants
3. Accessory:
cashmere blend knitting scarf
Diesel white mesh suspender 
Louis Vuitton silver hoop earrings w/ 3 charms
Chanel 08' multiple pearl necklace w/ rhinestones
4. Shoes: Vintage Kumfs brown woven oxford

It is better/structured to add a scarf around the neck for no-collared coat. 
I think that makes your ensemble look more intact from head to toe!!

You know, I think those two pockets fit in couple bottles n' diapers...haha..

My recent furniture purchase is less than $300 just for the look!!!

Don't forget the random diary part 2. 
xoxo Rachel


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! I like your look...coz I love stripes. Hahahaha! Your vintage oxford shoes are very nice....I'm inspired to get one too from Church's. The problem is, it always looks so nice on someone else's feet, but not mine. :P

Anyway, thanks so much for asking Yu about her Lindy. I think I'll get that in Paris when I go in June. :D

As for your beige caviar Chanel, may I ask if the color code is "21209" or "20129"? Coz my friend and I never heard of 20129...hahaha..I was wondering if that's something new or a type error....:P Hope you can help confirm as my friend is getting excited. Hahahahaah!

Thanks again!

Have a nice fruitful weekend with your family and friend! Enjoy!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia bad, a typo!! :)
well, I think oxford would flatter everyone only depends on how you pull it off,... Give it a try anyway!!!

MadsaboutU said...

love your vintage oxfords! I have been buying vintage's so much more exciting searching for one of a kind pieces that you know no one else is wearing the same time you are! I've been reading your blog for a while btw, just not making have really great style and i like how you make all your outfits work together :)e

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I agree, non collar coats looks great with scarfs! Love your striped top too. And don't you worry about your friend's 10 years anniversary... Just a few more years and you'll be there too ;-)

And regardless of what exactly was that you bought, I like all things pictured - the table, the lamp and the stool! :)

litlstrawberry said...

haha..the thanksgiving girl, i bought those 3 things as we have a big Plain Wall left undecorated/furbished and I think I will start doing that this year!!!
Thanks, btw.


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