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19 February, 2010

Now You See It, Then You Don't... Dress to the Ultimate Sexy!!

Marchesa’s Works of Art Fall 2010

I stumble into Marchesa's fall collection today, love the gown collection.  Then I thought about wearing something sheer is the sexiest way of revealing your body but not totally throw yourself out there!! It is kind embarrassing.....even for me, seeing a girl who is overly exposed in her outfit!!

Brooklyn Decker

Then I saw Brooklyn Decker's Work-out DVD preview n' becomes very seriously to double my work-out routine!! Yes, whenever I saw a gorgeous women w/ an amazing body that would ignite my motivation n' push myself to keep up!! As a mom, we can't stop pampering ourselves while taking care of our family!! 

I love the red triple bows heels.


Work of Art!!

I would say, corset is a total sexy thing n' real thing to wear as daily life. As for the sheered bra look, I'd insist it better be saved for bed or going to the lounge if you are brave!! :P 

Thursday is my busiest day since Niel n' Abby have their piano lessons. Now? Not anymore, I mean, I found a pedi-manicure salon next to their class n' I totally can use that 1 hour to indulge myself for a luxury hand-n'-feet spa!!! Again, good time-management is a key to be a great woman/mom as well. :P 

I know, it is plain spoiled for Abby to have her first Princess manicure!! ^O^

My Sheer/Corset creation.

I wore army sheer pencil skirt as a dress, layered Parameter shirt dress then RUGBY wool herringbone jacket. (Should have pull up my sheer polk-dot socks a little higher!!!) 

 Then I wore the same pieces again today!!

 My ODJ.
1. Top/bottom: army green sheered skirt

2. RUGBY jacket

3. Corset 

4. Hobo international distressed leather messenger bag

5. American Apparel gray polk dot sheer socks

6. Lawrence Decade white lace-up peep-toe heels

I found that corset looks great over pretty much every shapes of dresses/skirts!!


Tomorrow Sonia Rykiel will hit H&M store, are you ready?!!! 

Have a great weekend!! xoxo Rachel



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I love your corset look! Looks great with the dress you have on :) I also like the bow details on those strappy shoes... The first dress is ckind of cool too :) And I like the framed lace over that black dress!

LS said...

Looks like Abby enjoyed her mani a lot! Hope you are enjoying your Chinese New Year!
Ooh and what did you get for Valentine's day? Anything that was on your wishlist?

Michael St. James said...

I LOVE that corset and Abby is adorable with her princess manicure!

Julia said...

Hi Rachel,
good to see you back.

how was your reno trip? any pictures from that trip?

i got a pair of white peep-toe booties as you know. haven't worn them... i am still waiting for the weather to be warmer so i dont need to wear tights.

love the cool way of wearing your corset.

Alice said...

I loved the entire Marchesa collection this season! One of my faves for sure.
You look great working your corset!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, thanksgiving girl: how is New year treating you?
Dresses are nice except for too much details n' little chance to wear them. :P


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