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02 February, 2010

Still Winter ??!! ~~~

Pei shared this pic. w/ me cause' she liked the contrast of white peep-toe booties against black ties.
Except the booties, the whole look kinda reminds me a "sheep" though!! :P

I was also eyeing on those cut-out/peep-toe white booties since last spring but never occurred to me that I'd actually find a gorgeous pair unintentionally.

 I picked a pair socks of mine which has orange color around the toe n' green in the calves to play up more fun/warm color w/ my ensemble.

Here is a narrative of this New Designer: Laurence Dacade
Inspired by David Bowie’s erotic androgyny, the French designer—also part of the creative team behind Chanel’s shoes, has created a range of sheer zipback boots, Verner Panton–esque lace-ups, and pointy patent wing tips. (

My ODJ. 
1. Top: 
Y-3 quarter-sleeves gray turtle-neck
RUGBY herringbone brown wool jacket 
2. Bottom: Y-3 cropped pants w/ over-sized pockets at sides
3. Accessory: 
Embossed croc skin two tones belt
Louis Vuitton 08 red heart coin purse 
Louis Vuitton the widest strap hooks on 06 perle vernis tote

Now w/ that strap, I made my ancient perle vernis tote the most practical than ever!!! :)

On Monday, we girls hanged out together again n' chat about what are we going to do on Valentine's day and girl's night out afterward. unexceptionally, we talked about IT bags, shoes ..... .... then couple of us also talk about a "BAN" on luxury spending or a big "Saving" - a better put, that we'd spend wisely this year.  ^O^ 

..... Well, chatting is just a random gesture of our lips n' tongue!! ....

Here I share Yu's style w/ you. There are so many intriguing details on her outfit that day.
She made that two pom poms out of hermes' ribbon to dress up her A. Wang bag!!

H&M croset top, tartan gray shirt w/ ribbon trim, Marc by Marc Jacobs zipper pulls necklace!

A. Wang Coco duffel bag, Christian Louboutin 08' booties.



Monday outfit

1. Top: 
  • BR. fishnet tee
  • Urban outfitter black bra
  • Theory grayish/brownish velvet blazer bought at a second hand shop
2. Bottom: Y-3 big pockets cropped pants
  • 3. Accessory: 
  • RUGBY croc embossed belt w/ nylon
  • Hermes' horn/orange lacquered necklace
  • cashmere/wool long scarf

Ah.... where is my OXFORD flat?!!

Seriously, Valentine's is around the corner and it really means so much to girls on this special occasion!!

So, Girls, hint, guys need more hint from you to make their life easier a.k.a HAPPIER!! haha..>~~~~


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I love Yu's booties and of coruse, the bag! In your second outfit I just adore the waist belt and that blazer

Charles said...

amazing post! i love all of it! that marc jacobs zipper necklace, the hermes pom poms diy, your white booties & cute outfits! fabulous :)

Mother of Style said...

You'll have to do a post on your Valentine's wish list!

I really like the white peeptoes- great find :)

Betsy C. said...

Rachel - You girls look absolutely fabulous! I notice you guys like many of the same pieces, i.e. H&M corset top, H&M embellished taupe shirt, Alex Wang bag... but you each exert your own interpretation to it, which is quite refreshing to observe. For this post, I have to say Yu's ensemble is stealing my <3! I love that ribbon-detailed MJ shirt along w/ her zipper necklace. It's quite cool that she used the Hermes ribbons to make those pompoms. I've seen an entire thread on tPF teach ppl how to do it, but I haven't tried it myself. It adds an unique look to the AW bag.

So what are you plans for Valentine's day? It's right on the same day with CNY day so I think we are stuck with spending it with inlaws. :P So I might ask DH to celebrate early or something.

litlstrawberry said...

How are you? DOne your online traffic school?

yes, I think we hang out together too often. :) Yu, pei, Cathy, Ann, Isabel and I probably talk or meet at least once a week. Once one of us find something, we spread out the words.....geez, which is also bad that I can't resist good deal or pretty stuff.... (I think when you say I am sick, you also mean my buying addiction...hahaha...) Anyway, some self-control here....... .... Oh, Yu's shirt if from H&M not MMJ (only the necklace) and so we joked that we should shop at H&M more often to score really great designed stuff!!! hehe..

I think Yu hanged out in H forum quite often than I I don't at all now. Maybe that's where she learns how to do that pompoms.

I have V. party this Sat. at my house along w/ other 4 couples w/ a romantic swiss cheese fondue party. (hopefully it is romantic enough...hah...) Next week, I have a girl's spa meet in SF city w/ Renee n' dinner. Then the following week, we 4 girls will have a girls night out in SF city...well, sure this month is a whole month Valentine's celebration for us!!!!! :)

DO you have some activity in mind w/ your DH?


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