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11 February, 2010

Small, Tiny, Valentine's Wish List!!!

Here are couple things I have been lust for ....... I, in fact, got some of them n' hopefully I can possess rest in the future!! :)

They are not just for Valentine's, they are also for family, and for LIFE!! hehe.....(excuses?)

1. Erickson Beamon: Glass Menagerie Bird Gold necklace

2.  Jura ENA 5 espresso/latte/cappuccino maker

3. Cartier panther collection ring (Now you see it, I got it already...yah~)

4.  Chanel Classic (Please choose ONE for me.)

09' Beige medium/large classic

09' tweed classic

09' red medium/large classic 

A Chanel bag for Valentine's day!

Which Chanel bag would win your heart?
Beige classic w/ Gold HW
Gray/black/white tweed classic
red classic

 5. Spend a whole week FREE w/ girl friends in ....somewhere sand, sunny, beach, lounge, hot tub....... (this is probably not gonna happen soon.) But maybe just a couple days like last year girls only in Vegas@@.

6. A belly-dancing class. (huh?) 

7. A surprise, romantic dinner at Michelin recommended 3 star restaurant. (I don't know if DH would lighten up one day sooner when I decide to give up the hope.) :P

8. A family trip to England, Swiss-land, Italy n' Spain. 

I know, it looks more like a wish list for the whole year!!) :)But see, I am very thoughtful for friends (the coffee maker would benefit to all my guests in the future), family (the trip) n' can't stop loving myself too!!! LOL

Oh, there are couple of years' Valentine that I didn't receive anything and that's the saving for DH already!! ^O^

Here is an exciting thing for Yu n' myself....we family are going to spend Valentine's day in Reno together over the weekend!!! Hooray!!!
Choose whom you love wisely and Love whom you chose.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love your picks and wishes :) And that beige bag is adorable, I love the color too, so I voted for it :)

Mona P said...

Congrats on your Valentine gifts! I love the Cartier ring, it looks beautiful!

As for the Chanel, I voted for the beige with ghw, just because I don't like shw on red and tweed flaps. But even with this beige, I personally wish it would be a richer beige color. The richer beige with ghw would look even more amazing.

Have a fantastic time in Reno!

Elise said...

Hope you get them !

Julia said...

i like bird necklace, i just got a birds (4 of them) necklace 2 weeks ago.

i vote beige chanel, but then i think tweed is nice too. aren't you going to get a black 226(7)? i wish you did before price increased. but a few hundreds bucks more won't stop you, hehe...

tam pham said...

all fabulous things! my vote goes for the beige...but heck, they're all great :-)! happy v day!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Rachel, my vote goes for the beige clair caviar with gold hardware. You won't regret it. It's such a beautiful color and can match anything! And I don't remember you having any Chanel bags in this color tone, right? :D It's such a classic and versatile piece!

Congrats on your Cartier ring....!!

It's a good idea to make a wish list...hehe! I think I'm going to make 1 too! :D

Hope your wishlist will all come true.


P.S. 新年快樂, 萬事如意, 身體健康!! :D Happy Valentine's Day too!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

BTW, I almost forgot! That Erikson Beamon necklace is just beyond words!! Do you know where to buy it and approx. how much? I want 1 too!! It's so artistic and such a statement piece with a vintage feel!! I'm totally sold! LOL!


LS said...

AHHH! I love everything on your wishlist! I also voted for beige with ghw because first of all, i love ghw, and second of all, beige is a great colour for the summer!

Let us know what you get for valentine's day! I'm excepted to find out!!

LS said...

oops I meant I'm excited to find out! and i'm sure your DH won't disappoint you:)

susanh98 said...

wow wow wow nice presents :) yaayyy!!!! Especially the cartier ring hehehe. i voted for the beige chanel because i think the 10 red is much prettier than 09 red.
I have beige clair in lamb with shw but everyone seems to have the caviar because is easier to maintain. but i just love the color and feel of the lamb better. anyway i hope you decide and get what you love most :)
hope you had a great chinese new year celebration and a lot of fun in Reno.


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