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30 November, 2009

ThanksGiving Holidays w/ Yu's Family!! (to be finished later)

Day 1 (11/26/09)
Get up at 5:30 AM and meet up w/ Yu's family at 6:00 AM. I brought total 3 dress w/ me. I just don't want the hassle of paring my clothes this trip.

Kids are all so excited and I can't believe they would be so awake that early. You know, they always make so loud noise in the car and I wish we had those sound-proof glass in between front seats and the back seats!!! ha~

Finally we got LA around 12:30 PM. This 85ºC bakery Cafe has the most delicious bread/bakery in Cal. (See the people lined up there. We were there 3 days and the place is always packed.)

DH also likes their pearl milk tea!!

Dinner at May Garden! (I think this restaurant is nice but not that extraordinary on setting and the whole environment.)

Very refreshing tomatoes salad!

This butter saute lobster dish is way too expensive IMO, even though they made noodles for an extra dish after you almost done w/ the lobster!

Not bad, but I'd think they gave us a "skinny" crab!! haha....

My 1st dress!!

Hugo Boss silver drape dress + Linda Loudermilk organic blazer w/ YSL runway booties 09'. 
Accessory: LV 06 black mini monogram wallet/clutch w/ big rose pin

I think the hair made my whole look fun! 

5 kids together is like a crowd in preschool!! lol
Back to Westin Hotel. 

It reminds us that we'll put up our Christmas after we got home!!
On Yu: Steve Madden golden heels (two seasons ago),  distressed leather jacket w/ puffy sleeves, black skirt w/ studs belt.

Silly us!! ^O^

The deal is not too bad for a junior suite $229 per night!

Extra room in between Yu and us is where we two family can hang out and play poker at night!

I forgot how to call this kind of a bed which hides on the wall...... not a futon!!

We'd be happy w/ two beds/a room but it really isn't enough for having 3 kids. You know, they roll all over the bed when they are asleep!! Beauty sleep is so important to me, I think a junior suite is a better option for us 5.  :)

Master room!

Day 2 (11/27/09)
 Shopping at SCP!! Nothing BIG scored as I don't think the sale is that attractive.....wait for Christmas!

Meet friends (Fiona n' Isabel) at SCP! 
Fiona: Lime 35CM Hermes Birkin; Isabel: white Chanl 226 w/ silver chain 

Yu and I were debating which color should we get?!!! Alexander Wang studs bag black n' gray 09'. 

Then we bought our first love: I got the gray one and Yu got the one w/ brass studs (last season's design) instead of silver studs for this year.   

We went to Luguna beach in the afternoon. You know, the tide flushed away my cute flip flops while I was enjoying the SAND!! lol. And all I can think of is tomorrow I am going to look funny w/ my slippers instead!! haha..

Day 3 (11/28/09) Disneyland!!

My 2nd dress!  
I forgot my make-ups at home and I had to borrow Yu's eyeliner, brown pencil,...and geez, I think the foundation is too much!! :P

Linda Loudermilk organza organic dress w/ ruffles at back.

I bought a pair of suede gray peep toe heels ($125) and another Helmut Lang leather jacket ($780 after sale) at Intermix yesterday.  I am so so so happy!! 
Since I already got compliments on Gray peep-toe heels in SCP, it's a pair of well worth the money heels!!

Of course I didn't wear heels to Disney land and I add a tank underneath to dress down for a casual look!!

 So, .... other than that pair of suede slippers, I don't have any other choice!! he.... 

I heard that members are blocked on Saturdays/Sundays so we think it would be less people in DisneyLand. I think it is not too bad in terms of the waiting time for all the rides. 

 You can't see the designs on Yu's tee but it looks like this!

Dinner at Manpuku which Isabel recommended!! I say 5 stars taste!! 

 After fireworks, they made fake(bubble) snows to look like snows coming from the sky!!

Day 4 (11/29/09)

My 3rd dress!

Costume National V back black dress w/ ruffles at side.

Beverly Hills. 

Yu is in front of Prada boutique.

On Yu: Alexander Wang skirt.

TO be continued.........(will fill in some photos in between)

25 November, 2009

Effortless Casual Chic + YSL 09' runway elastic booties!!

vAfter we had dinner w/ friends, I quickly packed some very light clothes and BIG warm coats!! My friends including you fab. girls live in south Cal. keep telling me that it is so warm in LA. And all I need is a pair of SANDALS!!! Absolutely no need to bring boots at all!!! Ok, that just sound very disappointing cause' I am a boots gal in winter......... :(

Anyway, Yu and I scheduled that we should leave home at 6:00 AM to avoid the traffic!! I am waiting for the laundry while blogging at the same time.  I'd like to leave home w/ no left-over in the fridge, no trash, and no dirty laundry cause' when we come back home, I can be relaxed mentally and not being stressed out by thinking of all the un-done house chores!!  

This is what I think : ----- Leave Home Happy, and Come Back Home Happy!! ------- :)

Ok, back to today's business! 
I found two cardigans in Anthro. last week and they are great candidates for the look we saw in Nordi. However, they only have size L left for Navy, and size S left for Orange!!

This one is size Large and two sleeves are overwhelming on my frame, however, that is just what I want a slightly slouchy look on me!

This is size Small which fits perfectly on me but I bought the large Navy one instead!!

I cinch the cardigan and like the style very much!

Here is the look I copied today!!

This is the final ideal look!!


1. TOP:
  • Splendid shirt w/ one pocket $68
  • Big knitting cardigan (Anthro.) for $89
2. Bottom: TSE high waist tapered wool pants (bought last year)
3. Accessory:
  • white knitting scarf w/ sequins
  • Flying Lizard Design necklace
  • Chanel 08' perforated Rodeo Drive large tote
4. Shoes: YSL 09' runway elastic band booties

I love the striped scarf and it adds fun to my outfit!

I use safety pins to make cuffs on both sleeves: 1. to shorten the sleeves 2. so the too large cardigan would look proportioned on me

Good nite


Happy Thanksgiving!!

24 November, 2009

Fabulous Looking of Two things: Fur Vest + Givenchy Wedge Boots!

Not just couple of my friends can't stand my back view of a horizontal line hair-do, now even I can't stand it either. The winter clothes made the short bob look so fussy w/ the turtle-neck, fur, .... around the neck. I guess that's why some hair stylists would not suggest having short hair for winter......

The problem of keeping a shoulder length hair-do is that I have to trim it more often or to let my friends nag for 6 months to let the hair grow to a longer mid-length instead!! Either way, it is like pain in the a**! :P So finally, I went back to my stylist for a proper restyle of my hair. ... hum.... it looks more voluminousness!!! 

As usual, I always get new hair product to properly maintain my new hair-do every time!!

The Shu Uemura hair Mask!

Lift gel for volume and Thermal spray for heat resistant when flat-ironing!! 

 I'll see how good is their product!! 

Black outfit is always looking chic no matter how you wear it!! :)

Nothing new except the DIY necklace, BR gold studs belt and Givenchy wedge boots w/ chains. 
Accessories really play a big role on updating any outfit effortlessly!


1. Top: 
Bailey 44 black asymmetrical cut n' ruched shirt
et Vous rabbit fur vest
2. Bottom: Ksubi spray on jeans
3. Accessory: 
DIY multi-chained nacklace
BR gold studs belt
Heidi Dau's massive crystal ring

Chanel 08' Rodeo drive large tote
4. Shoes: Givenchy wedge boots w/ chains

I need to pack but I heard that it is still quite warm down LA...what should I pack w/ me? shorts? Tanks? Hum......

haha.. stay tuned!!!!  Tomorrow I am going to wear something like THIS! But w/ a lot less $$$$$!!

Ok, make sure you check out my blog as I definitely will update it  during Thanksgiving holidays as I updated the blog even when I was in Paris, didn't I!!! ^O^


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