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29 January, 2010

H & M Shoulder Embellished Top!!

You know why we all craze about this H&M Embellished top? 

The color!! The pinkish-taupe color n' the delicate embellishment on the shoulders. 

You know how do we describe the shoulder patch? 

Ah...cause it doesn't look like H&M quality ..... haha.....!!!

Here are couple looks of us girls w/ the same top. I must say this top is so slouchy on most of us slender frames. 

This is Isabel w/ wider belt n' Hermes belt.
The wider belt makes the whole look more structured.

Roger Vivier taupe heels + H&M top + Hermes belt 
The wider belt look better on her. 

This is Pei w/ her cute rain boots bought in Japan. 

I switched to a patterned leggings instead.

My personal chair ..... Barcelona chair in brown leather!! 
No Sharing!! ha...:P


1. Top:
  • beige dress w/ layered skirt 
  • H&M embellished top
2. Bottom: Kate spade navy pattern leggings
3. Accessory:
  • Sonia Rykiel swarovski owl brooch bought at Paris (made as necklace)
  • Chanel 08' metallic navy reissue 227 
4. Shoes:
Givenchy 09' wedge booties w/ chain

I like the look w/o belt better....there are way too much of fabric at bottom if I cinch it. 

Ah, I am preparing Valentine's party already...... love those tiny hearts, big hearts......
Don't forget to Love once more to that someone special of yours!!!

28 January, 2010

Gone Legging Crazy!!

I have not forgotten those 5 ensembles I posted last week; However, there is always new inspiration each day. If you are interested in particular look, please let me know and I'd shift its rotation earlier. haha........

Anyway, I finally receive my Daddy Long Legs degraded leggings n' couldn't wait to try it on. I paired it w/ my slate colored leggings inside for extra warmth.

grrr... I forgot to adjust my scarf.

I bought this scarf at a street market in Paris in 2008 but always wonder that if it is actual a table cloth!!! ^O^


1. Top: 
  • Rubbish purple tank
  • Lavender racer-back tank
  • Vince asymmetrical leather jacket
2. Bottom: 
  • slate leggings
  • Daddy long legs flower degraded leggings
3. Accessory:
  • scarf bought at ParisChanel 08' LTD metallic navy striped reissue 227
 4. Shoes: 
Nicolas kirkwood teal suede peep toe pump

I really like hosiery n' couldn't stop buying them whenever I found it intriguing!! And thanks to all the Power Yoga n' TRX to keep my legs toned!! Now I am looking into a personal trainer of Pilates!!

Go, girls, you at least need to find one exercise/work-out/activity to keep you looking sexy...oh, not that, to keep you healthy n' really pretty!!! :)

DO you remember this little quilted jacket of Millard Fillmore (our 13th president aka the Father of contemporary sports wear )? I am going to give it a face stay tuned!! :)
Those are little Chanel cosmetic pin set bought at Paris 08'!

Wonder Girls NOBODY US Debut Single HD MV

Have a fun Friday!!!

26 January, 2010

Random Diary: The Head-Quarter of Gal Gangsters?!!!



I always wanted to post this picture whenever my gal friends coming to my house.

Seriously, what could be more of an obvious evidence from this picture that we are the best buddies!!!!

Whenever we go out together, we would lay our eyes on the same clothes.  Also, whenever we shop alone, we would think of each other while seeing something to the other's taste!!!

Those SUVs parked in my driveway today not only I am the first one bought Touareg but sold it 2 years ago, Yu n' Pei also bought it!! Including the one blocked in front of the camera, there are 4 SUVs in black color mostly. haha...... I wonder if anyone might think of something fishy when walking in front of my house especially there is a kindergarten next to my house. ^O^

When it rains, I wish it pours!! Ha!~

I couldn't recall that since when we'd be ok if it's raining for days. Must be the popularity of rain-boots.  As far as I am concerned,  I think it is also reasonable to have more than 1 pair of rain-boots since we need them to match our style.


This is Pei. Too bad that I didn't include her son in the picture cause' they had super cute matching mother-son outfit today!! 

I bought that orange zig zag rain-coat last year from Juicy Contour along w/ that London Fog black patent boots which is absolutely water-proof.  They are well-worth the money w/ great style too.

Those adorable baubles brought by Yu over to my house and they are Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Hope I will have a better mood to wear what I had planned those 5 ensembles last week!!!

See you!!

25 January, 2010

Daily Diary: Day 1 Street Chic .... Inspiration of Runway Ann Demeulemeester......

I own nothing from Ann Demeulemeester's collection but always fascinated by its intriguing details/prints on the fabric. As far as I am concerned, I enjoy their runway look book at this moment just as much as wearing them in the future. ^O^

Today I stole that look n' came out a new ensemble from my wardrobe.


1. Top:
  • Y3 gray turtleneck w/ 3/4 sleeves
  • Lauren Moshi gray zebra tank
  • For Joseph slate/gray leather vest
2. Bottom:
Dolce Vita jersey jeans leggings
3. Accessory:
  • A. Wang gray Coco duffel bag w/ studs
  • Y3 wool hat
4. Shoes: Costume National navy oxford heels

I am Ilona....
Hope you have a great start on Monday!!

24 January, 2010

Random Diary! ..... Cirque Du Soleil .....

We went to SF city for the show : Cirque Du Soleil!!

Here is a glimpse of their performance but the real show in SF city is somewhat different.

Ilona can even sit for 3 hours for the show w/ 30 mins recession in between w/o problems. Therefore, I highly recommend this show for the whole family w/ young kids.

I am randomly looking for a navy or a brown/camel bag so we stopped by Barneys' after the show.


I love the middle olive green color one but too bad... I am not looking for green right now.  $1595

Then I came across this petrol blue one, which has that dinosaurs' wrinkle skin look. It is open at the top w/ zippers at side. $1270
(Summer 2010 new color)

Next stop, Bistro farm, a supermarket in the Bloomingdale. I found those interesting drinks which looks like cosmetic lotion.

They have four different flavors for different demands of skin care!!

I bought all of them except the Clarifying which is for oily skin n' mine is not!

I am going to drink them all the way to have the ultimate beauty!! haha.. 

Aren't those bottles adorable!!

Here is another drinks I am addicted these days. I am just curious how much anti-oxidant exactly in those Acai drinks that are actually active in our system?! Hum.....drink for thoughts!!!

Did you drink your lotion today!!??? :P

Have a good day!! xoxo

23 January, 2010

Girls Night Out fun + My Vintage Buy! (Part II)

Errr.......what's the color of that tight?!! Like a Iguana.. Ha~

Last year's treasure hunting of Vintage buy: Christian Dior blouse alternating to one-shouldered blouse!!

Do you know what's so special about that quilted cropped jacket?!

Here is WHY!!! 

I'd tell you a history of United State! 
Do you know Millard Fillmore?



He was not only the 13th president of the United States but he was also considered the "Father of Contemporary Sportswear." ... The complete story/history began back in 1848, when Zachary Taylor, the old hero fresh from victory in Mexico, was named by the Whigs for President, Millard Fillmore was named for Vice-President. ...

Anyway, I bought that little cropped jacket yesterday at second hand store for $22. It is a designer piece but I know nothing about Millard Fillmore therefore I did a research of it. I adore the quilted patches n' the deep blue sea color very much then surprisingly, I can also learn more about the history of United States. ha.....~ 

We girls had a blast at Pampas in Palo Alto last night. We probably ate the whole weeks portion of protein n' iron from all the meat. :)

This is Yu in her own retro look.

Yesterday was one of us' birthday too!!!

They serves the hottest hot sauce!!

That's how they serve you the meat!! ....... Oh, not the whole skew.....they'd cut pieces for you at the table as you like!! :)

A group of Forever 25!! (I think I sweat when claiming that!!!!!! ha hah ahhaa......)

Have a great weekend.....we are going to see OVO show w/ kids tomorrow in SF city!!
How exciting!! ^O^

Fun Day w/ Pei at Diesel and in My Wardrobe!! (Part 1)

Did I tell you that my friend, pei, has the most amazing deft of finding things in the best bargain even from past seasons!!? 

Yes, she is the kind of girl we all want to be friend with n' we are lucky to have her as one!!! 

And here is just one case: I bought my Lanvin Happy sac 08' at Barneys in full price w/ $150 GC but she found 2 in Nordi. after sale when SA told her that it was sold out!!!! @@ Not only she tracked down 2, she also bought them for $700 around. 1 for Ann and another one she kept for herself.......when my face all twisted w/ agony after she told me. Oh, just kidding!! She probably can be a private fashion detective if that's even considered as a job title!!!! ^O^ 

Since last season, I so want to find a pair of white booties, like a cut-out lace-up booties but w/o any luck.  Then Pei told me that she found two pairs of WHITE boots, tall n' short from Diesel but couldn't decide which one to keep. (Oh, just an update for her A. Wang bag. Thanks to your vote, Pei kept Gray one like mine at the end.) 

 WE love the pair on the mannequin w/ fringe. There my $30 Charles David booties w/ ribbon from past couple season which I  can wear even when it rains.  

What's good about the short fringe booties is that it is detachable so I simply tie it on mine for fun!!

That's an instant look update!!

Pei put on a leg warmer inside the short boots w/ the look of fringe removed!! It is much flattered on her calves!


Then Pei tie that fringe to another pair of LONG boots. 
We like the GRAYISH white color of both boots n' the versatile fringe. :)

We had so much fun at Diesel's store the other day.


Here is me having fun in my closet yesterday morning. 

I had 5 outfits prepared ready for next week but let's be dynamic for both those accessories n' occasion to wear next week!!

Ensemble #1

Chanel 08 Gray classic jumbo + Derek Lam cashmere tank + Lerario Beatriz wool vest + Alexander Wang drapes skirt + Christian Louboutine black suede cut-out heels + Erica Beamon for Target beaded cluster necklace

Ensemble #2

I think I keep my wardrobe very classic in general even though I follow trends each year!!

I found my white cut-out lace-up booties......... a sample heels from
(I paid 20% off for a pair of this Laurence Dacade Olole Heel in White after sale for $211!! ho ho ho... )

Dimension white Victorian style shirt + RUGBY white military inspired jacket + BJB leather-like leggings + Chanel 09' turquoise n' pink CC scarf + GAP sequins skinny scarf + Chanel 08' Rodeo Drive large black perforated tote + Laurence Dacade Olole Heel.

Ensemble #3

A inspired look from Viktor & Rolf's soft mini nude draping dress on Julianne Moore!!

My top is from H&M which Pei first bought n' we all loved it!! Isabel, me, Cathy n' Yu then followed n' bought this top. haha....

I make drapes which looks just like those on Viktor & Rolf so wait until I put it on next week!!!

An idea from Isabel that she'd pair the Stella MacCartney sequin racer-tank underneath which we both have.  Hum... sexy!!!

You know, I couldn't make fun of this dress tee as a general looking patches of tee anymore.....We just love the intricate n' delicacy embroidery plus we love the taupe nude color too. :P 

The details of the shoulder embordiery. (Thanks to Pei for modeling it.)

I couldn't seem to make my mind....... 
Chanel 09 s/s mesh w/ bow booties or Valentino taupe sling-back platform + Chanel two tones tights + nude dress w/ asymmetrical layered ruffle dress + H&M slouchy tee + black lace n' Sonia Rykiel swaroviski owl brooch made as necklace + Lanvin Happy Sac 08'

Ensemble #4

The original look of Max Mara weekend line skirt from 07'.

Do I get bored w/ that skirt? 
Yes, so I had this idea of reversing to wear it... :P 

Halter top + bra top + Max Mara weekend skirt worn reversed + urban outfitter floral oxford flat + Louis Vuitton 06' perle LTD tote + 08' red heart coin purse + vintage cameo brooch + vintage starfish earrings.

Ensemble #5

I love swirl stockings!

dress for twilight + Miss Sixty green short-sleeves turtle neck + gray cardigan w/ oversize collar + navy w/ pink swirl stockings + minnetonka fringe boots + Argyle pattern sequins belt bought in India.

 Chanel 2010!
Fun hosiery...... :)

Let's have more fun next week!!!


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