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16 January, 2011


We are back from Lake Tahoe ski trip. Kids and all of us had a great time and the best parts is that I finally can maneuver the snowboard freely!! Yeah~ I even went on blue lane/route w/o fear!!

I am glad that we have this long weekend to rest and glad that we went to Lake Tahoe earlier than everybody else. The traffic is pretty bad on Sat. morning when we drove home!

Make a note to myself:
  • Don't go skiing on the long weekend if we don't have to. 
  • Rent kids' ski equipments in advance so they can still have fun w/o attending ski camp. 
  • Bring a nanny/sitter if there are more than 4 kids and when everyone wants to go skiing instead of watching kids. ^O^ 
  • Wear as many protection pads as possible when go skiing or snowboarding.  I wore helmet, wrist protector, knee pads and even bought a butt pad when practicing snowboarding!! (Just so you are not afraid of fall and thus learn as quickly as possible. lol)
Kids had their make-up piano lesson this morning. Ah, should the teacher be so disciplined that we parents dare not to take a one week break. :P 
 A frozen yogurt treats after their piano lesson.


Every year, during this time of the year, before I figured out what fashion trends I am going to dig in, I always shop at vintage store. Yes, even my friend, Isabel, noticed this eccentric habit of me!! That she thinks I had to find a way to spend, .....oh, no... to keep me from being bored!! 
However, not anymore!! I decided to change that habit!! I figured if I want to look refreshed and get ready for the spring, why not shop IN MY OWN closet and re-mix the style!! I got lots of vintage clothes already, didn't I ?!! ^O^




1. Top:
M Missoni ruffle front sweater

2. Bottom:
Gucci cropped flared pants

3. Accessory:
white cotton bow collar (taken from other clothes)
Oscar de la Renta 11' sapphire earrings
Louis Vuitton perle vernis tote (as messenger style)

4. Shoes:
Lawrence Decade white lace-up booties 

Flared jeans/pants are in this season, let's go back and have fun w/ 70s' style! ^^

The detail is the "collar"!

Super cute and super refreshing!!
Both YSL 2011 S/S (

After fashion, let's go back to cooking at no time!! I had a great salad for lunch and here is the re-creation for dinner. I sub bacon for turkey for the crunchiness and add pear and sweet pepper for a fuller portion of salad as I am making a dinner.

What's the tip for tonight's dinner? If you can use only one or two pots/pans to prepare dinner, then keep everything simple. Although I can always use dish-washer to do the cleaning but just imagine how depressing it is after done dinner and when you look at the piles of pots and dishes awaits there.

My kids love sun dried tomatoes cream sauce
(it doesn't have to be sun-dried long as it is tomatoe cream sauce)!

This reversible grill pan is awesome that I can place it right on top of my stove. 

(You can have those perfect grill marks on chicken breast and turkey/bacon in no time at home.)

some mushroom

Blue Cheese Crumbles

mixed green + sweet pepper + pear + blue cheese + turkey/bacon bites + grill chicken breast = Healthy and no fuss salad! 

Looking at that turkey bacon bites, I think I can even throw in dried cranberries for more vibrant colors!! ^^

You can have any kind of dressing. (My kids' fave. Deep roasted sesame dressing)
 (cut-off calorie: You probably don't even need dressing at all.)


Irene gave my kids those cute Micky mouse pasta!

Ta da~~
 A light pasta/salad dinner!

Ilona already pass out by 8 PM while I am blogging. I think we all adapted quickly, for the regular routine, for the eating habit, for the shopping habit, and for the whole family!

 Have a good rest of the weekend!
xoxo Rachel


Mona P said...

Hi there! Happy New Year!

I've enjoyed reading your latest posts! Thanks for sharing your recipes, look forward to trying some of them out!

Charles said...

what fabulous photos! I just love your hair in these shots and the heart on your bag! That food looks amazing also, I'm getting hungry now :) xx

litlstrawberry said...

hi,you two, :) , thanks for the sweet words! I am on a diet and hopefully I can stick w/ carbs in the morning, by afternoon and big salad in the evening!!! :) I can't live w/o carbs!!! *\(^o^)/*

talk to you girls later!!


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