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01 January, 2011

Not Girls Day Out....Funny!!

Friends say that we had a quiet Christmas and New Year. 

Yes, we do. I am still manage to gather my energy back after our Europe trip, and girls' Vegas trip! Besides, kids' school starts on Monday and I don't want to risk the chance for them being tardy for school. Hanging out w/ couple friends is so much fun regardless if we had a big party or not!!

No party at home doesn't mean there is no party at all. Irene held both of her sons' birthday party together on the first day of 2011!!! For a good luck!!?? ^O^

I know, this post is supposed to be about kids' birthday party but you know, this is also a fashion blog that how can I not to take the chance to snap pictures of my friends!!! lol.


Dialogue between me and Melody

pic. 1
Melody: No, Rachel, it is not fair that you only post your pretty pictures while we look so dumb there. How come I don't look "skinny" in the first picture!!

Rachel: &^%%$#@@..... Let's take another one then!

pic. 2
Rachel: See, what you accuse me of is not true. I always snap lots and lots of pictures for you girls but somehow you always give me long faces which I don't know why!!
And you know, for being a keen fashionista, I have a blog that I devoted to so I had to post pictures no matter what! Besides, I do want everyone to look into their best on my blog!! ^^
pic. 3
Rachel: Don't you know that you are supposed to tuck your chin in in front of the camera.
There, let me show you ..... and please do not squeeze your double chins out!! lol.
Ooh la la~~

Rachel: Are you happy now!??
Melody: It is OK, I guess ~~
Rachel: %$##@^&**%$#....

 We girls certainly had a great time at "Super Franks" kid's party kingdom!! ^O^


1. Top:
no brand bat-sleeves green tunic
Chanel 10' Shanghai collection jacket

2. Bottom:
Vintage high waist leather skirt (bought at Rome)
GAP knee high socks w/ red trim (bought at Rome)

3.  Accessory:
Missoni 10'A collar w/ double zipper (bought at Rome)
Moss Green hair band
Chanel 10'A Rough/Orange caviar reissue 226

4. Shoes:
Chanel 10'A brown tweed w/ rabbit fur tall boots

Sweet dads are required to show up in kid's every party!!


Super Franks sea world room!! (They have lots of theme rooms of all sorts of interests....Princess tea room, for instance!)

Now, I miss our girl's Vegas trip!!!
Are we going to do it again when we are as old as golden girls?!!! lol.

Ah, I almost forgot to show you the cakes of the year... well, in fact, they are meant to be for December 2010's birthdays!! One of friends made those super duper cute cakes from scratch and she is open for business...NEXT YEAR?!!! That's what I heard!! (anyone interested???!!) ^^


My rated No. 1 best kid's birthday cake of the year 2010!!

Planet Earth!!

May you all had a "pretty" first day of 2011!!
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

It looks like everyone had a great time at the party - both kids and adults!! And both those cakes look amazing! Esp. teh planetary one - such a cool idea! Happy New Year, Rachel!

isabel said...

Happy new year! Those cakes look amazing. My friend Michelle's sons are Ethan and Evan too, I think both names are the most popular these years....

litlstrawberry said...

Happy New Year, girls!!!

Hey, Isabel, I guess they want both kids' name start w/ "E" then.... when "Ethan" takes the 1st place, there is not much boy's name left to be choose from. ^O^ hah... interesting... so I think they really need a "middle" name to be distinguishable!!

How is your new year so far!!?

Maggie said...

Hi Rachel! This is Maggie, remember me? I was there at the party too even though we didn't talk much...I have followed your blog for a while and always adore your sense of fashion and life. Great blog! Maybe hang out sometimes? Happy New Year!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Maggie:
So YOU are the magic hand for those birthday cakes...haha... of course, I remember you, how couldn't I!!^^

Those cakes are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! I love the brownie...and you know what, we didn't even get to taste a piece of that planet Earth cake. :( So is it chocolate/brownie cake inside as well?

Thank you for stopping by and yes, we should hand out sometime and we can grab sushi altogether like Sue suggested..

I am going to find you on FB then! ^^
See you!

Maggie said...

Hey Rachel! I am not the person who made the cake... :( I am Alice's sister-in-law. Sorry for the misunderstanding. We went to Lake Tahoe together last year but I am not sure you still remember me... Irene can help if you need to know me more. Anyway, it's always fun to follow your blog.

litlstrawberry said...

hahaha, Ah, Maggie, so you are the other Maggie. haha... Now I remembered, we met again in Vegas. So, how is your trip there? ^^
Oh, do you guys go to Lake Tahoe next week too? We are going on Tue. evening as Irene. Hopefully all of our kids would enjoy the kids' camp w/o balling out. ... I am talking about Ilona, my youngest one!! ^^

Is there anything you want from Chanel this year?hah.

Oh, we should go out and grab sushi altogether then!!


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