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23 January, 2011

Let Nordstrom (Valley Fair) Styling Event to Refresh Your 2011 Wardrobe!

It was a lovely Sat. afternoon that Irene's family came over to my house for lunch and later on they stayed for dinner as well. In fact, we felt that it is better to let our husbands and kids all to have a play date together while we two girls go to Nordstrom at Valley Fair's Styling Event. As a result, I volunteered to cook for them in order to minimize all the hassles. Not that I am an excellent cook or anything, it is just my believe that a down-home cooking is always an economical and healthier choice. Besides, we have the best toys, Wii, Ipad games at home and even school playgrounds right next to our house. 

On the other hand, I was thinking could it be possible that we moms are imbued with the guilty of having our own fun here?  lol

Ah, I bet my and Irene's dear hubbies (DHs) would have a lot to say and to share about how to entertain 5 young children since they have done this alone when we two are gone for Vegas last year!! /^O^\ 

You know, Dads inevitably come in handy whenever we need complimentary babysitters!! Therefore, solute to all the great dads here!!!

The Woman collector department's manager, Justin (the man in the suit), is very friendly in person.  He even personally suggested couple pieces to us by Burberry Prorsum and Marni to try which he thinks they are so ME and Irene. (We will see then~~~)
Those are runway samples by Burberry Prorsum and Marni. 

(Left) Rachel: hang on~~ 

(Middle) Irene: ( not show in the picture here)"How about me?"

(Right) Rachel: There you go!! hhahaha..... (^_−)−☆

(The model wears Moschino gown gorgeously!!) 

Those are several Burberry Prorsum runway looks. (pic. source:

This is the one I tried on and felt in love w/... my curve!! :P 
Oh, no,.... I mean the stretchable linen made the body-hugging look so utterly sexy!!
I think it is a very understated piece but effortlessly stylish.

I insisted Justin on ordering me another one size down..... Very picky I am!! ^^ 
(*BTW, Nordstrom has the lowest MSRP for this particular dress even after tax when I searched it online.)


Goodies from Jo Malone and Le Mar~

Pascal (Rapunzel's pet now is mine) and the goodies~~ ^O^

On me: Thakoon fringe cross dress, Peter Som Mongolia fur, Pierre Hardy platform sandals, Proenza Shouler PS1 yellow clutch.
on Irene: Max n' Co. bow dress, Spanx dots tights,Chanel Camellia WoC.  
(Sorry Justin, I can't label your suit but I want to tell you that I adore your polka dots scarf. ^^)

Irene and I start playing dressing-up after the event. See how cool it is when I put on those adds-on shoulder feather and necklace on Irene!! (Great accessories, btw.) 

 I ended up buying that $12 teal round lens sunglasses... for fun! 

All the SA persons are very nice and helpful when we were there trying out pieces at Nordstrom.  And big thanks to them who took pictures for us that I'd be able to look saucy and blog about it here!!

We two had a great time at Nordstrom styling event and We definitely are going back next week to try our new pieces and to see Justin again. ^O^

Have you tried new 2011 clothes just for fun yet?
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I adore your clutch, Rachel!

Charles said...

that blue furry top is incredible! I would never get away with that, I applaud it whole heartedly!
I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! You can go check it out at my blog :)

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, Charles, you are too kind!! I am very which dress should I I going to walk on the red carpet..????? haha... ...

Yeah, the blue fur is really an eye-open accessory. I assume Mongolia has a huge supply for making into those fab. fur. ^^

Thanks again, sweetie, for the incredible stylish award!!


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