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27 January, 2011

Cropped Jackets - A Classic!!

A cropped jacket is always in trend.

Today is DAY 1 that I can't wear contact lens doing my chores. Not too bad except I hate the heavy eye glasses frame hanging on my nose..... which leave my nose two red inks. >< 

Thanks to Cathy that she came along to take photos for me when I am clumpy and silly w/ my glasses on.

Mcginn (past season) cropped tuxedo jacket w/ vest insert. 
Couple details keep your look fresh and in trend even when you are wearing past season clothes! 

Wherever I go w/ this Proenza Shouler cap toe platform heels, there is always complimets goes on the shoes. 

I can't focus on the camera w/o wearing my contact lens...... but I guess the camera focuses on me just fine!!

What a great weather we have in California compared to the cruel snow in the east coast!! 
Count it a blessing!

Have a great evening. 
xoxo Rachel


Michelle said...

Love your jacket and you are looking good as always!

Got a qn for you - I notice the wooden play structure in the backyard, how do you like it? Do your kids play on it alot? Thanks!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, thanks, Michelle.

We had someone to build that Rainbow play structure since 2006 when we first moved in the house. "Rainbow" is the brand name for that company who build all sorts of play structure. Maybe you can check it out online.

My kids love it so much as once you have a very nice play structure at home, kids will climb and friends' kids will have fun w/ it too. Just as if you have a patio and outdoor grill in the back yard, chances of using it and holding a party is much higher than having nothing in the back yard. :P I guess it is about time that I should think of an outdoor grill(bbq) island and patio then!!!! hhaha...

Do you have kids? More than 1? Then I would say a nice structure "commercial" sized is perfect!! I know Costco has those, but I prefer something well-trained to build it instead of having my rusty skilled husband doing it. haha... (I know, as far as the cost goes, the whole play structure coast us $4000 in 2006!! @@) It was even before Chanel bag increase its price till now $4000 a reissue!!!

Hope those will give you a better idea of whether should you invest one then!! ^O^


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