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21 January, 2011

Friendship and Fashion!

My daughter's classmates have been asking so many times about play-dates but it is seems not likely to arrange it during the weekdays! The weekend and birthday parties are the only chance to let our kids socialize w/ their school buddies. 

While kids slowly establish their little friendship w/ their school buddies, friends from parent's circles, we moms also need to manage and expand our own social lives. However, it is so hard to synchronize our moms' free time during the week, even though kids all go to school.  We still need to drive them in between extra-curriculum activities after school, let alone we all have our own set of schedules/rules/routines/work-out.... ^^ 

There must be millions birthday stars in January since there are at least 6 big and little friends of mine included. And we decided to do a little breakfast birthday celebration for them. 

Wherever there is women, there is fashion and beauty talk!!! ^^
Funny thing is that we start talking about lip colors and everyone begins to pull out their secret beauty weapons from cosmetic bags. lol
(The winner? Cathy!! 
She got the most NUDE colors from Tom Ford, YSL, LORAC, and Cle de paux!)

For a moment there, I had a deja vous.(Cathy and I both bought this mustard/gray cape coats.) You know what's so odd in this middle picture of her.... she layered two same yellow-colored long-tee and turtle-neck to keep her warm~~ my, genius. haha...

(far-right, Lorac lip gloss... looks like a nail polish and behind it is Tom Ford lipstick w/ white/gold square case $45 !)

I haven't seen Pei carry her 08' Chanel metallic silver reissue for a very long time~~
(Far-right) Yu is very eagerly to know if the nude and orange lip color looks great on her. ^^
(far-right, Lanvin for HM prochette)

(Left) On Yu, IRO slouchy shirt, SR for HM shorts, Balenciaga over-knee boots, Lanvin for HM floral prochette. 


On me, St. John Couture sheer top, IRO fold-over pants, Manolo Blanhik heels, Bottega Veneta tote w/ LV straps, gold tassel earrings, barton-perreira sunglasses!
(Yeah, think about vintage... I am still shopping in my closet. ^O^) 
Here is the picture I found for Ann since she is kinda of looking for my
Barton Perreira cat-eye sunglasses (worn on Michelle Trachtenberg)

I apply YSL nude + make-up-forever orange (intensive) lip color + a dab of make-up-forever orange lip gloss! 

I finally jogged down my favorite looks for this 2011 spring/summer runway looks...... other than those already well-known big brand-name know what I am talking about!! ^O^
Hakaan (this year's Andam Prize winner)

Charles Anastase 

Viktor and Rolf 
pic. credited to

Happy birthday to all the birthday stars in January!
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You girs are fabulous, love your freindship pics :) You always have a great make up too!

As for the runway looks, I really liek all of the above by Viktor and Rolf.

orihime said...

hi R姐! long time no talk- how are you??
your blog changed so much the last time i visited.. i really like it!

LOVE the make-up and the photos :)
hope you are doing well!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia. I think every woman looks beautiful in a great make-up...I didn't mean thick or caky....but clean and just the touch up enhancing at the right feature. ^^

I know, isn't the Viktor and Rolf looks crisp and posh!!.... sexy!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Orihime, how are you? It is indeed a long time already!! I hope you are doing great and even better for this new year!! Thanks for your compliment and i will try my best to keep it up and running!! :)


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