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20 January, 2011

A Parade for All Saints Brocade Leather Jacket in Smoke!!

I had a fellow reader who requests me to style this All Saints Brocade Leather Jacket. Here it is!! ^^



1. Top:
Zara stripe top (current season)
All Saints Brocade leather jacket w/ tail in Smoke
2. Bottom:
Vera Wang Lavender label pleat skirt
3. Accessory:
Max Co. leather belt
DKNY brown socks
Bottega Veneta bag (messenger style w/ Louis Vuitton leather straps)
4. Shoes:
Costume National oxford




All the looks are from traveling in London and Italy. 

Have fun on the weekend.
xoxo Rachel 


sanaa London said...

Thanks Rachel, I love the way you put it all together. I was contemplating getting the jacket and was not sure how I would pull it off. Thank you for posting it, I love love your blog. Regarding the beauty tips and secrets I requested, no pressure to post anything, it is just that I tried products you recommended before and found my skin responded so well to them, so I wanted to steal more tips from you. Thanks Rachel for sharing parts of your life, I am a big fan. Sanaa xx.

litlstrawberry said...

You are very welcome, Sanna. If not because of you, I'd never want to wear pleat skirt w/ leather know what, I actually like it very much. I think the pleats are cute and sexy, but w/ leather jacket, it adds a little cool to balance the too cute (probably out of my league look... :P) style.

Sure, if I ever find great skin care product, I'd share them w/ you.

Mona P said...

I really like the picture where you paired All Saints leather jacket with the big hat. Looks great!

MadsaboutU said...

Wow Rachel, I can totally imagine you strutting your stuff while you travel, super hotness mama!:)

Shira said...

A really nice jacket I've wanted for quite a while now. May I ask which size you are wearing? Is it small/large for its size? I'm a size six but I have the opportunity to buy the taupe color in size 8. Thanks for for your answer!


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