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06 January, 2011

Learn New Fact A Day -- for Your Skin!

I have tried Dr. Brandt's Time Arrest cream and love it! 

It would be a great beneficial for you to know about the underpinning process that your skin care product works.

I think it is convincing that any skin product combining natural ingredients w/ synthetic ones might carry a more effective agent penetrating into your skin.

Another nice fact about skin moisturizer I discovered is Glycolic acid moisturizer.  Glycolic acid extracts from Sugar Cane so it is considered a natural product which already differentiate itself from other synthetic chemical acid. Citric acid from Oranges also falls into Glycolic acid classification. (Read more here).

Basically, Glycolic acid moisturizer would provide additional function for your skin which not just locks the moisture at dermis or epidermis layers (the deepest level and outer most layers of our skin respectively) cells but also exfoliates dead skin cell and speed up the process of your skins renewing itself!! 

So, are you going to give those amazing product a try? Make sure you always test a little amount on your skin first.


January is a slow month...for me, at least. Therefore, it is a good time for me to read about new skin care facts, and learn new tricks about make-ups. Live a life~~ haha~ 

Oh, thanks to sweet Melody who bought me Bottega Veneta mesh no fingers gloves. Just in time to warm me up w/ an eccentric habit of wearing spring/summer style during this chilly winter time. lol.
(For a moment, I thought Melody is giving me a Halloween gift. haha..)

Even though it is mesh, It is actually very warm for its wool material.


One more thing, did you find your kitten heels already?

I think it is about time to store away that gigantic Christmas wrath and put on Chinese/Asia New year decor. ^O^

Pamper your skin, would you!!?
xoxo Rachel 


connie said...

hi hi :] i've been following your blog for a while because I love how you manage to take care of yourself and look dashing while taking care of your family.

Please keep including things besides fashion! It makes your posts fabulous!

<3 connie

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Connie:
Thanks very much for the sweet compliment. I think we all do...take care of ourselves while trying our best to keep up w/ every other thing.. ^^

Ah, as you wish, more dishes coming up. haha..


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