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31 January, 2011

Refuse to be Colorful!!

Ok,  unless I find an ensemble which doesn't seem to be a runway or street-way copy-cat, I'd give up the take on colorful path!! ^O^ I will leave those bright Pink + Purple, bright Orange, yellow.... combo. for everyone else to strut. 

Neutral, beige, black and gold colors seem to be an easy combination to dress myself up these days or simply wear them monochromatically!!

Reclaimed silver, sapphire, mink fur earrings. 

(No, I'd never wear my hair band OUT...only in the shower... ^^)

Maybe I can give a face-lift for my tassel earrings...... to be like...... 
(see below) 


It seems the VINTAGE take-on reaches its peak in this season!!

IT is time for some new home-furnishing.... Johnathan Adler

The top and button is either ruched or draped and both asymmetrical which can never be a boring look!

Ann Demuleumleester draw-string buckle pants

You'd never risk too much details for wearing monochromatic ensemble. 

Ps. to answer a fellow blog reader's question: 
How to cook bean curd and pork stir fir?
Cut bean curd as the thinnest stripes as possible which you will appreciate the fineness look and well-absorbent taste when you seasoning everything w/ soy sauce, chopped garlic, green onion, sesame oil, white pepper and little splash of cooking wine. 

Think RED for Valentine!
xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Your make up is always flawless!!! Love an all black look with taupe boots!!

susanh98 said...

Rachel but u look so cute with the hair band! :) i like it.
Yum I love that bean curd/pork dish i made that last week.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia.
You know, your voice in the air is not exactly I imagined but I like it. ^^

Hey, Susan, thanks. Maybe I should go back and buy that hair-band then. ^^
ha, I am glad that you like bean curd dish as I love it so much that I can eat the whole plate w/ rice for a meal. ^^

Rose said...

Thank you for posting the recipe for the pork and tofu stir fry. I am running out to the store to buy all the ingredients. I made your sweet kung pao chicken and it was a big hit with my family. No leftovers! Next I think I will try your beef noodle soup. Keep posting recipes - oh, and the headband is cute :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Rose, your tried the sweet Kung Pao chicken? I think even kids loves that sweet chicken dish too.
Oh, make sure you saute the beef first... dry ingredients then wet ingredients..don't be lazy. my friend put everything in the slow cooker...and it turns out, My, can't even imagine it. And you know what, she even put red carrots and potatoes all together...that doesn't turn out good at all. Every dish has its own cooking methods and it is not a stew, it is a beef "noodle" soup but the potatoes make all the soup "starchy".

Again, common sense is required for doing almost everything.. ^O^ I am sure you know better! hah...


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