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01 January, 2011

May Your Accessories Always Harmonize w/ Your Natural Beauty!


(Pic. source: Internet)

This picture was taken w/ flash so the eye shadows aren't very saturated here. 

Chantecallie Iridescent Eye Shade in Lemongrass (high-light), Emerald (double eyelid) and Shine Eye Shade in Jungle (inner eye corner underneath eye brows and lower eyeliner)

I am honing my cooking skill recently by trying new recipes, such as coconut shrimp and savory crepes. It is tricky to make perfect crepes as the consistency of the batter, a perfect flat frying pan, crepe spreader ... etc. all have to take into account before making a perfect "looking" of crepes!!  As for the taste, it takes cook's experiences and all guinea pigs' help (such as DH and my children or even my friends) to make a real savory crepe successful!!

It is always fun to cook w/ kids and let kids involved in all sorts of house chores ....including cooking! 
I even start asking my older son's help to pick up laundry from the dryer machine. So far, he can fold his little clothes and put away not bad, even I know he couldn't make a perfect folding but "getting involved" w/ house chores definitely teaches him how to be a sweet and kind husband in the future!! (Am I being ahead of myself here???!! haha~~~~)

 Crepe spreader and spatula ... then I am done preparing all the tools I need for making crepes!


Missoni 10A collar 
J crew turtle-neck
Marni 10A houndstooth shearling reversible jacket
Marni 10' winter edition gabardine trousers
Elfi Altendorfer vintage green bead earrings
Hermes Croc belt w/ etaupe "H" buckle
Pierre hardy platform sandals in greenish tan/gray
Chanel 10' maroon tote

Happy New Year 2011!!
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

janettaylor said...

Oh, yes - really harmonius!

Happy New Year, my dear!


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