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19 January, 2011

Maxi or Full skirt...Layer them!

I layer 2011 Vince Solid Knit Dress on top of past season Rick Owen Lilies baby blue green mock neck maxi dress today!! I find it almost sluggish without layering on something or styled w/ some other accessories.

Kenneth Cole wide asymmetric bet, Rick owen dress, Vince dress, 10' Pierre Hardy two tone sandal platform heels, Givenchy Tinhan studded hobo.

I always tend to dig out my forever pieces in my closet during this time of the year and basically, they are maxi dresses, turtlenecks, tanks and leather jackets. And I found this transitioning season before spring comes is the best time to wear your not-so-favored-clothes. 

Not ready for the spring yet!!

The authentic Chloe boots.
Ah, want to share this MOCK shoes from Dillards that my friend, Pei, found on line. They all loved Chloe ones but this one looks 99.5% identical for only $99.99. 

Have a soothing evening!(^_−)−☆
xoxo Rachel 


Mother of Style said...

That's a great find for the Chloe-inspired boots- Thanks Friend Pei :)

Love your belt and maxi, too!

James Michael White said...

I love this look on you. It's very understated.

Ym said...

That is so cool Rachel!
You can put all the layered looks perfectly beautiful.

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you all! I think sometimes cover-up clothes almost looks sexier than bare all clothes ;)!!

About the shoes, I have double standards for shoes and bags..... Shoes can have "identical" w/ authentic ones but bags definitely have to be real authentic from the designer... No fake!

sanaa London said...

Hi Rachel, please wear your All Saints leather jacket, I want to see how you put it all together. Also please do more posts on what skincare you use and how you take care of your beautiful skin. thanks Sanaa

litlstrawberry said...

Sanaa London, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will try my best to share the beauty secrets w/ you all in the future....ah, then they wont be secret anymore though. ^O^

As you requested, I will post couple my All Saints outfits later tonight.


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