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31 January, 2011

Think Your Look Younger in 10 Years Philosophy!!

A lot of friends said that they'd wish they had the same confidence and wisdom when they were in their twenties. Who doesn't... including me!! (just to be clear w/ you, we are talking about women/moms in their 30s here!! Well, same thing apply to when you are 40s, 50s... ^O^) 

The truth is you can THINK your way back and feel/look younger 10 years even when you can't turn back time. 

What will you do differently when you have your first child in your early twenties? 

You probably are reluctant be so settled that you still want to have fun. Enjoy yourself and be adventurous!!  Go scuba-diving, sky-diving, try new sports, visit different countries, or learn cooking and knitting just to be prepared prior to be a stay-home-mom or wife. ^^ I am sure there are lots of things you want to try when you are in your twenties but you didn't. Now you can think positively and constructively for yourself and why not do it NOW

Ah, except for the fact that you have to think of a better way to do it w/ or w/o your child around. You know you can find a nanny who earns your thrust.... oh,, don't tell me it is hard to let-go or find a trust-worthy nanny. Think you are 20s again, and now cooperate with your smartER-thinking, horned bargaining skills, you might be able to find a good nanny w/ a great hour-rate!!  

To tell you the truth, I am executing this Think your life back in 10 years Philosophy  myself. I am learning snowboarding every year after I reach my 30s while my first attempt is dated back when I was 26. So I almost started snowboarding only couple years ago. My private tennis coach comments that "not many women would learn new sports especially "snowboarding" after becoming a mom". 

Huh? What does he mean? A compliment for me, as a matter of fact!! ^^ 

Yeah, again, i am learning tennis w/ my son. He actually plays better than I do since I just started while he already can rally w/ the coach. See, I am thinking in my 20s here that i'd never had the chance to play tennis and now I do.  Therefore, I go for it!!  

I will also start my acting class next Sunday!! A lot of friends ask me "WHY?" Do I want to be an actress or start a new career? 

Hm...... not really, but I never say NO WAY!! I never think of the fact that the chances of a 30 something Asia woman who becomes a successful actress in USA is almost "impossible".  What can I lose here, right?   On the contrary, I expand my social circle and I get to meet younger friends ( you know the youngest classmate in my previous acting class is only 18 years old.) and best of all, I can learn the English language itself in acting class. 
Acting is another thing that I should have tried when I were in my 20s but I choose the realistic path... study abroad for my Master degree here. ^^

Now I have my family, my life, my kids and my friends,...... I almost had everything I wanted. What's missing here is just couple life experiences that I'd love to catch up!! 
(Of course, do everything responsively.)

So, moms, oh, women, think your way back 10 years from now on!  Go do things for yourself, enjoy yourself and your life back no matter you are married or not, a stay-home mom or a career women with or without children. 

....Ah, forgot to emphasize one more thing..... exercise!!! ^O^

Hope you get my point!!

Those pictures are taken when I am with my negative 1000 eyesight ...basically, I look wherever Cathy's direction. haha~~ ( I have my nearsighted eye-glasses in my hand.)

Didn't I say you can never risk too much details with monochromatic outfit!!


1. Top:
striped fitted dress underneath

2. Bottom:
(Vintage find) BCBG crochet wrap made into a tube dress/skirt 

3. Shoes:
Alain lima buckle wedge boots

4. Accessory:
brass necklace w/ spear n' crystal bought in London
Monogramed charm necklace 
Givenchy Tinhan studded hobo 


Yet another season's hot trend....striped on everything!

I should start my new wardrobe shopping after done so much fun of finding treasure in my closet. :) 

Think your life back in 10 years!
xoxo Rachel 


Mon Style du Jour said...

Thanks for this post! It made me think even more of trying to get my writings published. I love to write and always keep my pieces. I'll try figuring out what to do next! :)

Oh! And I went snowblading last weekend, something I hadn't done in so long. At first I realize I wasn't as daring as before, but it didn't take me long to fully enjoy it again!

Being 30 is actually lots of fun, come to think if it! We can still look good and we know better! I got to do lots in my 20s and I'll keep it up! Thank you again for this little reminder! xox

sanaa London said...

Well said Rachel and so true. It is easy to feel old, if one is not learning.

p.s. that bag is gorg. and your hair makes you look like you are 18.

Your fan, Sanaa


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