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25 January, 2011

Walk Around Work-out!

Whenever I am lazy, I put on black or black n' white ensemble! It was last Sunday that Irene and us family get together again for a walk around "work-out". Well, that work-out is dedicated to our kids so they can enjoy biking along the lake.
.. ...

Hold the thoughts, at the end, it is us, adults, carrying their bikes and holding them doing all the walks!! Come to think about it, not bad at all ~~ at least we get to burn more calories, work-out our calves and build up cardio. strength even for the non-exerciser Irene. ^^

Irene: Lululemon letter thermal, AA cape, Juicy Contour cropped legging, sneakers
Me: BCBG long picket tee w/ lace trim, Limedrop cloudy shrug, KristenseN Du Nord sheer legging, Proenza Shoulder PS1 clutch, Converse sneakers. 


I have had 3 tennis lessons so far but need more senses of a good timing to catch the ball w/ a perfect "sound".  You know, the sound you strike the ball out clear and loud " boah~"! Yeah, I care about that very much!! ^^  But you know what, I enjoy the time learning tennis w/ my son, Niel, very much as well. We each have 30 mins private lessons and I get to see closely and attentively on his progress!! I love the quality time being w/ each child from time to time! 

Take on w/ the vintage trend...full skirt.

On Monday
Accessory: Owl ring, J Crew Vintage green glass cuff. 

One of these days we are going to have a home pizza dinner night!!

PhotobucketThe Valentine's Day is around the corner, have you think of something simple for your significant the other yet?

Now I have a completed first name initial letter charm necklace for all my family. 

Have a good afternoon. 
xoxo Rachel 


janettaylor said...

Love Ur hat!


tam pham said...

Hi Rachel! Can you tell me where you got your beautiful charm necklace??? Thanks so much!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Janet darling! ^^

Ah, Tam:

here is the link I got it from local shop.
Cover story

I will email you details. ^^

susanh98 said...

you look lovely. I love that hat. you know your make up always looks flawless like not too much not too little just right :)
The picture where you said you wore YSL nude lipstick which one is it? I have a nude one from YSL and it shows really pink on me....
I'm obsessed with nude color lips. I just love it. I must own as many as your friend too. hahaha. It's funny how when you love something you just naturally end up always with same color family even when u want to buy something new.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan:
Thanks for the compliments. The nude lip stick on me is the post while me, pei and cathy went out for breakfast. However, I layer two lip color to tone done the too pale nude/pink. Make-up-forever orange Rough intensive + YSL #2 lipstick. ^^ Maybe you can try that next time.

I know what do you mean the likeness of things and that's why we'd be consistent for something, sometimes be predictable for "man" ...haha..... well, no? OK, maybe it is just everyone has her/his own taste. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Susan, it is "Friendship and fashion" post. I had orange on top of nude/pinkish YSL so the nude won't be so pale and pink on me which can make my skin look darker.

susanh98 said...

Thanx Rachel for the info. Yes I guess that little bit of orange makes the color pop a bit more. Yeah i have YSL #1 it is quite pink. Maybe next time i'll try #2
I've never tried make up forever but after reading your post on the translucent powder i'm intrigued. I guess that's your secret weapon eh :P?


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