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26 January, 2011

Thank me Later-For a Gorgeous You Forever!!!

I am trying out this product currently and it is amazing!!! (Well, everything is pretty much true as stated above so .... what's next!!? 
Go, no, run to Sephora to grab yourself one!!!

I think some companies still make turkey bacon purely from Turkey thigh Read the ingredients carefully. However, I guess you can eat real pig bacon guilt-free now!! ^^

credited to Women's Health Magazine. 

Hope you learn something new everyday for your inner and outer beauty!! 

While I browse through some runway shows for 2011, I discovered those cute vintage-y look of thing. Would it be a polyester quilted-like vest, cropped jacket of YSL, or the military-green ruched cap(puff)-sleeve jacket from Burberry Prorsum, you sure should steal this look now!!

Above from

Burberry Prorsum 2011 (

 (before alternation)

(After alternation)
Remember my Millard Fillmore modern sports wear?!! ^^

I am not lazy if you are wondering how come I didn't post my outfit of the day!! The fact is I probably can't wear my contact lens as long as I wish during these two weeks and post freely when I really need my lens to function well. I have a very poor eye-vision (-1000 degree for both eyes) and I will go through "Lasik" (to correct my eye vision) on Feb. 8th (if everything goes smoothly).  The doctor suggests that I should let my eyes rest for at least 2 weeks w/o wearing contact lens. You know, I won't be as acute as when I wore contact lens with my normal eye-glasses. I probably could be clumpy ....... :P

But good news is I will share as much thoughts/daily read as possible with you!! Or better, I can start doing my day-and-night skin regime posts too. ^^ Also, I can promise you that I am not doing Batox secretly... just yet!! haha.....

Local event - Chanel Spring 2011 Trunk Show this Thursday and Friday at Neiman Marcus Stanford Shopping Center!!

I will be there, how about you!!? ^^
Stay Tuned!
xoxo Rachel

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