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05 January, 2011

Tweed and lady-like Jackets!!

Everyday I have to filter a lot of "junk emails". I think part of the reasons is because I signed up too many newsletters and I hardly have time to read them! But I still keep subscribing. :P 

Today, WHOWHATWEAR had a talk about lady-like jackets and just to show you how much I love those posh and elegant looking jackets, I decided to gather some photos of me wearing this same look over the past year. 

These two tweed jackets are Chanel. I love them to pieces.

Do you know, Chanel Shanghai collection 10' jacket (the white w/ red trim) was bought "ON-SALE" so it doesn't even have the "privilege" to be hung on its decent "CC" felt hanger when I brought it home!!? My, .... oh, well,.....poor second-born child. lol. 
(According to Chanel boutique, they need those hangers for NEW collection. or for FULL-price collection-to be exact) :P. 


light textured tweed jacket.

Spring/Summer is around the corner... is it? ^O^ 
Give this lady-like a try, would you?

Here are my two out of ten of my new year's resolutions:

1. I signed up "tennis" classes w/ my son and it starts next Mon. Obviously, Niel even knows more skills than I do. I, on the opposite, play tennis as it is badminton.....hahaha.... now it is time to learn it correctly. 

2. I also signed up "Film on-set" classes at Expression College which will start this Feb. I am not expecting to be an actress but acting is fun so I think I'd love to keep the habit. 

So what's your scariest new year resolution that you made for 2011!!?
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Mon Style du Jour said...

Especially loving the 3rd look in the first picture! I love your blog! I should really tend to mine more often! Anyway, I love your style!


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