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09 January, 2011

Fashion Unnecessary!!

Yes, I couldn't agree more what fellow reader/blogger, Connie's. comment. What differentiate my blog from rest of the fashion blog is that "my fashion constantly evolves with my life style". A stay home mom tries to keep up everything w/ what's going on in the world.  
Ah...sounds cliche? lol But seriously, it is not easy.

We are taking kids to Lake Tahoe next whole week w/ Irene's family. We avoid the crowd on Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on 17th on purpose. I did way too much grocery shopping last week and I am trying to clean all the inventory in our fridge. You probably think I could store the food in the freezer and there is nothing to be bothered by. Well, I guess I could but I am really an eccentric that I hate the idea of "stock-up". ( I don't stock up my cosmetic product neither.) Overly stock up things and let it rot is as sinful as throw it away.  I despise a crowded freezer, fridge or even pantry so if we ever being locked up in our house, we would starve to death in less a week. lol.

My solutions to overflow grocery? ..... cook them! ^^ I did 4 dishes dinner and even made one dessert tonight.

 Carrot, broccoli, tofu, asparagus...w/ oyster sauce vege stir fry!!

My kids' favorite: Bean curd w/ sliced pork stir fry!

Sweet Kung Pao chicken.

Coconut shrimp. ( It is covered w/ shredded coconut not Panko-the bread crumb.) 

Inspired by Banana Flambe the other day~~~ I decided to make myself one w/o the rum.

Fried Banana w/ ice cream. (I know, the shape looks weird. But I am quite satisfied w/ the taste considering this is my first attempt.)

DH can't believe I didn't share a bite w/ him... :P

Ooh la la~~ 
(There are carrot, asparagus, tofu, broccoli, bean curd, pork, chicken, onion, shrimp.... and banana, you know how much cutting and cleaning being involved.)

A little connoisseur of mom's cooking~ ^^

"Cook's frying powder" is the magic ingredient behind a crispy banana batter.
Sos Plum (plum sauce) and the sweet garlic dipping sauce is what makes no-hassle sweet Kung Pao chicken. I am lazy to do the measurement of soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, wine, 

What's my ODJ today?
(Yes, I cook w/ this whole ensemble ... oh, I did take off the gloves eventually while I need to get messy w/ fingers to rub those batter onto the chicken and shrimps.)
No worries, those clothes are past more than two or three seasons except the accessories. 


The whole outfit is inspired by Bottega Veneta mesh fingerless gloves!



1. Top:
Mesh tee 
Marc Jacobs blouse w/ revealed sleeves
2. Bottom:
cut slip wide leg pants (from England)
3. Accessory:
Anthro. big rose clip
Bottega Veneta mesh fingerless gloves
Brass bird cuff
4. Shoes:
Miu Miu black studded platform sandal

I think the mesh made the rose looks..... prickly. Maybe?


We lust for fashion unnecessarily but we inevitably need great food everyday! After done cooking, now I am indulging myself back in fashion again. ^O^
Peter Som Mongolian Fur Muffler
I thought I'd never have the guts to wear this vibrant fur.....

Halston Heritage
It seems "pleats" are a fun element this season.

This is the best look among all the fashion images. (IMO ^O^) Plus, I can rock my TOPSHOP shorts the whole summer again~~

We are leaving on Tue. and there are still a lot to COOK in our fridge.....I think I can pack lunch boxes on the way to Lake Tahoe. ^^

Have a good Monday!
xoxo Rachel 


Michelle said...

You are AMAZING! Your kitchen repetoire is superb, so is your fashion sense, kudos to you!

James Michael White said...

That Valentino look is gorgeous. I can't wait to see your iteration. Your dishes always look so yummy, but the fried banana is ingenious. I actually ordered fried bananas at a Chinese restaurant in Puerto Rico called Great Taste, and they mashed the bananas, placed them in a dumpling, fried it, and sprinkled it with sugar. It was unbelievably delicious. Have a blast in Lake Tahoe.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Michelle.

I know, besides fashion, I think my fast-cooking-skill is another thing I am proud of myself. :P I can come up a dish very quick from leftover in our fridge. ha~

litlstrawberry said...

haha,... Mike, your profile picture crack me up there...what's up w/ the surprises? ^^

Interesting, I believe you can find a tasty fry banana dessert in local restaurant instead of Chinese one, right!? The Great Taste version sounds just as delicious as frying the whole banana.

You like the Valentino look too? I think it is very refreshing w/ shorts for this season. well...I don't know if I will come up anything though...hah...

Michelle said...

I think cooking lessons from you Rachel! :)

Betsy C. said...

Gotta love your combination post of great food/cooking and fashion! That Anthro brooch really puts the entire outfit together... is it a recent buy?

I'd love to get your recipe for kung pao chicken. Seems rather easy, I hope. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy, you know, the sweet version of kung pao chicken is not hard...but you need to find the sauce. Those are really a fool proof sauce that you only need the right amount of sauce, the dish is done and done!! ^^

The rose is way past season buy. :P Only the gloves, cuff and shoes are bought this season. ^^

Mummy Moon said...

Love all your oriental home cook food.

Rose said...

You're so beautiful and a whiz in the kitchen! Everything looks delicious. I think I will try all of them on my kids this week. How do you make the tofu and pork stir fry?


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