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03 January, 2011

Mommy and Baby!!

Ok, officially, none of my kids is baby! Not after Ilona past her 3 years old birthday. But they will always be my babies no matter what.

Did you feel you have a good luck already at the first day at work, at school .... or for anything?

I saw interesting "lucky bags" sold at Japanese super market today. They call it "Lucky bag" as it supposed to bring you a whole year good luck!! Each bag is $30 but the goodies inside is worth more than you pay. I didn't grab one but now when I am looking at this picture, I am kinda regret.... :P I should have grabbed one just for the good luck and for the good fun out of a surprise!!!


I think I am going to shoot around photos w/ moms and babies in our bay area!! ^O^  Yeah, how about that being one of my new year's resolution? Have fun w/ strangers so I can make even more mommy friends ?? 

Well, I hope they won't think I am crazy!! How about starting from someone who is already my acquaintances!! lol.

(peer pressure... I forced Irene to buy that Max Co. satin-cotton green low rise pants.) ^^

Accessory: See by Chole wedge boots, Chanel camellia WOC.

This is me the other day w/ the same Max Co. cropped pants. 
Obviously, Irene is always opt for a more feminine look while I....depends on the mood!!

Accessory: Alexander Wang Rocco duffel bag, A. wang Abbey gray sandal heels, brass necklace w/ spear shaped feather

Ilona wants to show you her polka dot "Jerry" pants...Oops, she covered it up!

There it is.... Tom and "Jerry"- the little mouse character.


1. Top:
Derek lam cashmere tank
Michael Angel tank
Max Co. textured leather jacket 

2. Bottom:
Marni Gabardine trousers

3. Accessory:
GAP socks
Chanel 10' Maroon tote

4. shoes:
Ethic shearing-lined boots

Time for beauty sleep!!
See you. 
xoxo Rachel

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