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31 May, 2009

Day 7 In Taipei!!

We are half way our vacation in Taiwan already. We are still debating whether we should go to Huang-lian (East of Taiwan) or Keng-Din (south of Taiwan) for our another get away from Taipei before we heading back to USA less in a week.

The public transmit system is so convient in Taiwan and it only takes 1 1/2 hr. from Taipei to Ping-tong (Keng-Din National Park) by express train. However, the express train tickets is more expensive than the regular train tickets which take us to Huang-lian instead. Hum......gotta think about it harder.
Save time or save money!!!!!! lol

Ok. We have a very busy day today. We shouldn't have visited Zoo since it is so crowded but we did. Well, it is not so bad since kids enjoyed it very much and at least they saw Pandas IRL which we can only see in San Diego zoo.

Escaped monkey.....S/he is now outside the cage...not we are inside the cage....hahahahah....... S/he seems can't find her/his way IN again.

I went to pick up my Stella Luna zebra print flat which DH's first comment is: "WHAT AN UGLY SHOES IT IS"!!!!!!!! LOL
I replied: "What do you know about a pretty pattern of Zebra print!!! They are perfect matching for my evening's outfit."

Stella Luna Zebra print BOW flat.

I am so crazy about BOW!!

Here is a very HOT Taiwan actress, Ging-whua Ying and her co-star.

I went back to Eslite book store again (today is the 4th time). Why? I went to try
Pic. credited to Ms Yaming
設計師川久保玲 (Comme des Garçons)的 clothes again. You know, I am very suprised that the manager is willing to sell me a clothes which is on sale currently for 30% off w/ 50%off I asked for. When I told them that I am only willing to buy it w/ 50% off t, they decided to sell me right away. I was thrilled...and kinda of shocked at the mean time. lol .... the economic is that bad? Or it just not the piece many people would appreciate it as I do. Well, now I become hestitate and since I can get it w/ 50% off, I am wanting it to be 60%OFF. HAHA....ok, I am only human!! :P Now you must be curious about the price, right?!! IT is NTD$22680, so w/ 50% off, it is about NTD$11340=USD$348. It is only a "layering" piece which means you can't wear it w/o paring w/ something inside!!!! Well.... I'll tell you what's my decision before going back to USA then.

I meet up w/ my used to be coworkers in the evening and we had a great time chatting. We probably can go on for whole night if not interrupted by kids running around in the restaurant. Great friends are forever!!

Ten Ten restaurant in Fu-Shin South Rd. A sample menu for 5.

I wonder how much pounds I have gained. hah...

Yah...I look all ugly there...but hey, I pu therefore I am. haha....
No, I mean I laugh therefore I am.


1. TOP:
  • ZARA dusty pink tank
  • SO NICE black w/ silk tank (Taiwan brand)
2. BOTTOM: IRO gray silk tapered pants w/ pleat and bow tie details
3. SHOES: Stella Luna
  • J Crew Rose Pink chain necklace
  • Chanel caviar mini flap w/ silver HW

30 May, 2009

Day 6 In Taipei!

Ok, this is my 3rd time going back to Elite bookstore. First time is when I forgot my Stella Luna heels on the customer service counter of SHIN KONG MITSKUKOSHI department store after doing tax refund and had to go back there. However, I didn't get a chance to browse throu. Elite store.

The night we went back to SHIN KONG near 101 building and took pic. in front of it.

Next day, (Fri.), I went w/ my DAD and kids to do some craft so I still didn't have a chance neither. Finally, after DH comes home, we went altogether on Sat. again. :)

Why is it so attractive in Elite Bookstore to me that I want to go back again and again? It is not just a book store, it is more like a mini mall w/ almost everything from designer clothes, MCQ, Comme des Garcons, ....etc. and a lot more such as my college favorite brand, Agnes' b too. They also sell furniture, Japanese books, books for adults or children and lots of little cute stuff which is designed by Taiwanese designer within 6 floor building. I also bought couple Chinese Phonetics books for my kids.

Yah, I am drinking out of a super sized recycle bin.....haha..which looks like giant Stuckbuks.

My mom found me my sneaker 15 years ago from United Colors Of Benetton which I didn't even remember I have.

We dined our lunch at FiFi comtemporary Chinese Cuisine on 6th floor located at Elite bookstore.

My little daughter is so photogenetic.

I think I ate too much in Taipei and now I miss my Power Yoga teacher so much....hahah...... promotion dishes for 4
NTD$1680 including drinks for 4.

29 May, 2009

Day 5, New Hair Bang!!!

This morning, I gathered my guts to have a hair cut for wanting a "BANG" for the longest time. After 1 hr. of massage, hair blow dry and including actual hair cut time after talking to the hair designer, Oh La La~~ there I have my perfect, desirable bang.

I am changing to my new harem pants after got home. I love this whole new look of myself and especially this pair of black patent Stella Luna heels. This heels will be good w/ me all the way to this f/w.

We are going to the airport to pick up DH later this evening.

My afternoon ODJ.
1. TOP:
  • ZARA pink tank
  • J Crew distressed Gold tank
  • Plastic Island black long blazer
2. BOTTOM: United Color of Benetton steel gray harem pants
3. HEELS: Stella Luna gladiator heels
4. Accessory:
  • Sonia Rykiel Sworavski crystals owl brooch made as necklace
  • Zara brass disc belt
  • Balenciaga Violet part time bag
  • Chanel 09 s/s scarf decorated on straw hat
I would say my Chanel mini flap will make this look more dressy instead of casual chic.

A look w/ blazer on and J Crew thin golden belt originally.

I play around my limited accessory and I like the big owl as a statement necklace very much.

Day 5 In Taipei!!

Today I took kids to Elite bookstore near 101 department store. Yes, I have visited every department store near 101 building except for 101 building itself. I have to say luxury brand name items are insanely expensive in Asia and I rather shop them back in USA. Therefore, I think I will skip 101 building this time.

My children want to do some craft out of play dough in 5th floor so we spent couple hr. there. I took pic. for them while doing one w/ Ilona. I found myself also enjoy it very much too. : )

Kids have to be 4 yrs. to do the craft. But since my older daughter is almost 4, she just needs a little more help. :)

After we pick up a model that we want to make, my children are ready to start.

Niel picked the hardest one (for his age IMO) and I think it is great for training his patience.

Abigail is practicing the "smile" mouth before drawing on the dough. She picked a cartoon character, "Cinnebon"!!

I am surprised that Niel actually did all the details by himself. He picked a birthday cake.

Ilona is too young to do it by herself so I helped. I picked Hello Kitty for us.

Oh la la~~ They are all adorable.

28 May, 2009

Day 4 in Taipei!!

DH will be back from Indonesia tomorrow evening and finally I can have a break from my parents too. They are very very protective, I mean about my 3 young children. They are afraid that my kids will be sick when playing in the park, be malnutrition when not eating a full lunch, or not learning Chinese phonics as well/earlier as possible.....etc. O my, I was brought up by my "strict" mom so I probably understand why I moved far, far, far away from my home town, Taipei, after I became independent. hah....
Well, but on the other hand, I understand every parents' expectation and even toward their grandchildren. :) And I must admit that parents who have higher expectation to their children will
most likely promote their children have more demand to themselves in every aspect. So I decided to let my mom to teach my 2 elder children some Chinese phonetics at home so I can go shopping!!!!!!!!!lol

I went to SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI near 101 today. At last, I found the brand name "Stella Luna" of shoes. It is the same manufacture, Stella International LTD(興昂集團) as MARC BY MARC JACOBS、KENZO、PAUL SMITH、CELINE、GIVENCHYChristian Lacroix,Stella Luna 可說是具備了與國際同步的時尚嗅覺和高超的製作工藝能力,對興昂集團來說推出自家品牌完全是合理而且有把握的事情,而對於台灣,這也是令人興奮的,因為這是一個完全來自台灣的品牌!...
(A brand from Taiwan.)

I bought two pairs of shoes from Stella Luna. One is zebra print flat and the other one is black patent gladiator heels. Did I say I ever needed another pair of gladiator heels especially a black one? Well, then I must be out of my mind!!! lol This black Luna heels has almost the same look as most gladiator heels but even more fun!! Plus, they are super comfortable. According to their store manager, she has the very same pair and she can stand 4 hrs. straight in the lounge w/o any problem. They took my Zebra print flat to have extra topping attached so I won't be able to get it by next Thur. or so.

Here they are!!!! w/ flash!

w/o flash!

w/ adjustable buckle, it will look super flatter my thin ankles.

It has a platform bottom to off set and height of the heels.

Last but not least, my modeling pic. of heels. It is not a good one and I found my parents house doesn't have great lighting and ankle for modeling shoots at night. I guess I will just have to wait till DH came back tomorrow for a better ankle. :)

Yes, I brought my Chanel multiple sized pearls w/ rhinestones and crystals necklace.

26 May, 2009

Day 1 In Taipei!


Today is Day 3 after we arrived in Taipei and I guess I should catch it up w/ blogging next couple days. DH is in Indonesia having a meeting right now and recruit some people there. He will join us in Taipei on Fri. Before then, w/ my parents' help, I think it won't be too hard to take care of my 3 children by myself in Taipei.

I never had jeglag as I remember, I always adjust myself pretty good in every time zone. I went to buy some saline for my DH's contact lens and some nipple sticker for my friend, Pei. at 9 AM in Watson's store. In Taipei, or I should say in Asia, all the street vendors are already doing business and you can shop for anything you need. So I already spend $US 15= $NTD 450 on a one piece dress already after 3 hours landing in Taipei. lol

In Asia, almost everyone carries an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun. I am no exception!!!! :P I carried my Chanel black mini flap w/ me to Taiwan. IT is my best travel little bag ever!!!

We went to the newest opened SOGO department store and I stopped by Chanel and Hermes. I found Chanel carried different style which I've never seen it in USA. However, this trip I have no mood of shopping for Chanel. As for Hermes, everyone knows it is almost as impossible as climbing onto a sky to buy Birkin or Kelly in Asia, the waiting list is mile long and the SA say the special order takes 5 to 8 years to fulfill. Or even worse, you might not even have it. Anyway, I am never a crazy dude to want something that bad and have to have it right away. But to my surprise, I saw my idol, Shi-mei Leng, who is a popular singer in Taiwan. I remember my DAD bought me her album when I was in middle school. She becomes even more successful in acting later on in her show biz career.

I am very nervous as taking pic. w/ my idol. She is very kind of willing to take pic. w/ us.

Hope she won't mind me posting the pic. here.

23 May, 2009

Fashion Victim!!

Look of the Day. (In Style) April 11, 2009
I read somewhere in the magazine saying that this whole look is a fashion victim. Just when the big shouldered jacket is so hot, you don't need to pair this distressed jeans to confuse the whole look. I would say I still give Victoria credits as she is always so fashion forward and so brave to try everything on. When someone is so devoted to keep their post-pregnant body looking sexy, I think she still looks great in every of her ensemble no matter what.

I don't think I can splurge
Balmain jacket on either Victoria or this crystals embroidery on Beyonce. But I found my beaded jeans has almost the same bling bling eye-catching effect given by my mom 3 years ago.

I don't know who made this jeans but I am sure s/he must have way too much time. haha...

I would bow to the designer of this pair of jeans. I love the underneath wash....distressed look.

This black TSE tank has a draped design and that is not wrinkles. lol

This is the whole look I put together yesterday evening and I will find a pair of heels to rock in them in Taiwan. :)

Before I Embark!!

It is about 6 hr. before we fly to Taipei. We finished packing and had dinner at home already. It seems I have lots of things left undone here in USA, such as I am still doing last batch of our laundry right now, my plants need to be watered every week, clothes I wanted to donate needs to be picked up next Fri., and a Stella McCartney sequins tank will be shipped to the store and I am supposed to pick it up next week. Well, I guess all these can wait till I am back then.

I am going up and down stairs of our house and also going through my ensembles again and again. I am wondering: Will I really need those clothes in Taiwan? I probably will just buy new clothes there and embrace everything there. As blogging right now, I just remembered that DH and I talked about how frozen yogurt business might not be popular in Asia
as we had frozen yogurt at Santana Row yesterday evening. We like shredded ice much better than those sticky, milky treats in Taiwan. Guess it is because the climate is way too hot for milky yogurt to be a delight to be enjoyed.

Anyway, I counted that I bring total 7 ensembles and 4 pair of shoes in this trip. Since we are only staying 2 weeks in Taipei, I might just shop my clothes there day by day. hhaha......

22 May, 2009

OMG, I Am In Love w/ My New CL Peep Toe Wedge.

I swear this will be my last pair of new score before we head back to Taiwan on Sun. I am so in love w/ this golden/pinkish/beige/metallic sheen Christian Louboutin wedge. She is so breathtaking elegant and comfortable to wear. I am going to wear them to pick up my kids from school for a test drive later. Also, she is definitely going to visit Taipei w/ me!!!!!!!!!


1. TOP:
  • Emporio Armani striped tank
  • Coral racer back tank (bought in Taiwan)
2. BOTTOM: Levis coral skinny jeans
3. Christian Louboutin metallic gold peep toe wedge

I intend to wear them as a matching pair. (I know, they are not exactly same shade.)

100% guaranteed comfortable, I am so in love~~


  • Hermes' multiple blue shades hot-air bloom scarf (used to decorated my straw hat)
  • AUGUST straw hat
  • J Crew rose pink loop chain necklace
  • Chanel 07 Metallic DS reissue in 227
This is before I jazz up this straw hat w/ Hermes scarf. Kinda of too plain!!

I think this whole ensemble is going to Taipei w/ me.

I am also going to check out Stella Luna heels in Taipei just to visit CL's sister brand!!!

21 May, 2009

Red Heels and My Last Summer Hat!

As I know, 4 of my friends bought this pair of Sergio Rossi red buckle heels after I show them. The shoes is still available on line at I guess no one can resist that bloody true red, they look almost still wet on the patent leather.

Today I am wearing my Erickson glass necklace from Target and finally I have the guts to wear its matching earrings.

I swear my little Ilona dresses very well this morning when we were out. Just when I am about to put her in bed for her routine nap, my DH came home for lunch. So I think why not asking DH take today's ODJ for me. He claims that he is on a diet due to his dinning too often at Panda Express for lunch. I always ask him to bring a lunch box but I guess grab n' go is easilier for him. But, he finally realizes that home cooking is the best for both great taste and healthy concerns. haha.....

My DH went to practice Yogo once w/ me, although he likes the energetic feeling after one session, he is too lazy to keep it up. But since my yoga teacher even asked about him, I promise her that I will bring him back for Yoga class when we are back from Taiwan. :)

I bought those green apple top from J Crew on sale. They are lovely color and light fabric to pack to Taipei w/ us.

Long sleeves is for Abby, tank is for Ilona. I wish J Crew make them for adult too.

Hi, I am about to go to bed after saying "Good Bye" to Dad.


1. TOP:
  • Max Co. spaghetti strap tank
  • Marc Jacobs sheer black blouse
2. BOTTOM: Diesel white denim jeans
3. SHOES: Sergio Rossi red patent ankle buckle heels

Just in case you didn't know which red heels I am talking about. I have to one size and half for this pair.

  • Designer, Erickson Bemon for Targe glass beads necklace w/ matching earrings
  • J Crew 3 straps gold belt
  • Sterling silver bangle
  • AUGUST straw hat
Before DH adjust the camera......Pic. exposures too much.

I don't know if the matching necklace w/ earrings are too busy around my

I think I am done buying HATs, I have all kinds of hats to compliment my wardrobe now.

I just realized that Ilona has same red shoes as mine. hahha..


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