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02 May, 2009

Denim Head To Toe!!

This is a randomly thrown together outfit before I send them to dry-clean. Clearly, I rotate wearing my clothes for a week or two then I start a new pile of clothes for new looks.

Normally, I do family laundry two times a week or right after there is any stains on our clothes. W/ 3 kids around, I found that it is better to do laundry more frequently. Not just I don't have to buy so many clothes for them but also I can spend less time folding and sorting all the clothes w/ smaller batch each time.

I love my ODJ and I even get to wear my OLD, OLD two heels/sandals.


1. TOP:
  • R Jeans blouse white/red/blue stripe shirt
  • Miss Sixty washed fitted blazer
2. Bottom: Diesel wash white low rise jeans
3. Chanel 08 s/s star brooch
4. Chanel 08 s/s Rodeo Drive large tote in perforated black
5. Shoes:
  • ESCADA multiple color print sandals
  • Zac Posen inspired sandals
6. Accessory:
  • Striped blue hat
  • Designer friend, Elfi's silver beads earrings

They are color matching, fabric matching(jeans) and even work better w/ my striped hat than yesterday's.

w/ Escada heels.

Never would I want to wear jean blazer again!! Thanks to the trend!!


milkshake214 said...

Rachel - Hope you and your family had a fun weekend! Your legs look a mile long in these photos.. love the pop of the brooch too~ It's always fun to discover "old" or forgotten clothing or shoes...

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy: how are you? Do you have a chance to shop in SCP??? My another friend, Irene, will visit her in-laws in LA in June and they ask if we want to go down to LA w/ them. Well, so kids can go to Disneyland together. I am kind of scared w/ the HOT HOT HOT, BIG BIG BIG sun by then. ..hhaha...

oh..yes, totally, I am so happy that every year if i can still wear my OLD stuff. I don't know if that's Virgo's character, but I am feeling great if I can wear old stuff again and again and still look good in them.

BTw, anything in your WISH list for Mother's DAY??> hehe..


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