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20 May, 2009

New Bronze/Blush From Bobbi Brown!!

Just when everyone is shopping for a bargain, I am still buying things in full price. No worries, it is just couple cosmetics. *sigh*, what can I say, even though I only have my youngest daughter, Ilona, around most of the day, I still have other things to do. So I tend to avoid the crowd and shop early then I will do price adjustment later on during sales. Here, I have to thank all my fabulous mommy friends cause' they keep eyes on those items I bought and call me when they go on sale. I saved quite a lot and even buy new clothes w/ the price of ONE which I had paid prior to sale.

I normally won't leave the house w/o my mascara and blush on. So I'd buy a lot of mascara from Target. I love cover girl, maybelline...etc. those over the counter ones. They are great and cheaper so I can replace my mascara every 3 to 6 months.

Today, I found this newly lunched blush from Bobbi Brown and can't wait to try it and then had to buy it. lol

I had some brushes from like 10 years ago and they are very durable. I have 3 blush brushes, they are for pink, orange and neon/pale pink. I don't like my blushes mixed up w/ their pretty colors. I make sure I clean my brushed whenever they needed to.

I think I need one that's only dedicated for this particular bronze.

In fact , this is pink. But it looks very orange. I like it has simmer glitters and gives me a very pretty suntan look on the cheeks.

First time trying their long wear make-up remover. I need the one which can remove my mascara like we'll see tonight then. :)

My friend, Kitty, is envy us that we can carry total of
15 luggage when flying back to Taiwan. But, I guess we will give up that privilege. Flying w/ 3 young children is trouble enough and we want to save energy on tracking our luggage. However, thanks to airlines promotion, we can all fly w/ either first class or business class. Ilona is not even 2 yrs. old so her ticket is 1/10 of my first class fare. I just found out it still costs $1112.20. My, she doesn't get to have a seat though but still pay for the fuel and tax. Good thing is that we know first class won't be full so eventually she will be able to sit by herself.

We are leaving on 5/24 before the school ends. And as for all the tuition we had paid for Niel and Abigail till this quarter, let's just say, will make even w/ our airline tickets. This year, Niel will go to kindergarten so I guess we can't travel freely anymore and we won't get this great air fare deal much neither in the future.

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eve-eve said...

wow! i like that broze/blush from bobbi brown.. i'm such a blush addict.. have fun on ur trip to taipei..


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