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14 May, 2009

My 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Top!

A stay-home mom doesn't have many opportunities or occasion to wear dressy/formal outfits on daily basis. However, I couldn't bear the thoughts that this 3.1 Phillip Lim gray sequined top only made her debut when we girls partied at Vegas last month.

Today, I am in a mood to dress myself up but in order to look casual enough for running errands or posh enough to dine at a nice cafe, I came out this ensemble. Here I share w/ you all.

One funny thing is DH comes home for lunch as I am editing my blog right now and he asked me "Where am I going w/ this outfit?!! And what do I put on this whole make-up for????? hah...I said, I intended to do my eye shadows only. But I look sick w/ heavy colors when seeing myself in the mirror so I put some blush on. Then I thought a hot pink lip gloss would match my toe nails......then Oo-La-Lah~~~~ haha..... I guess that's why my gals always think I am so dressy everyday for a stay home mom. I just can't have slightly imperfection on me!! Yah, I like to say I have a very sophisticated palates for personal image.


Keep the color palette simple when everything is so intricate in design.

1. TOP:
  • 213 Jersey dress
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Gray sequined tank
  • Elisabeth & James White blazer w/ ruched sleeves
2. Accessory: Chanel matte white reissue 227 08/09 cruise collection
3. Shoes: Valentino side bow sling back in MUD

I seldom wear this girly girly look!!

I look quite tan under these color tone today!

This white blazer can protect my sequins from rubbing off when holding my little girl.


Betsy said...

What a fun mixture of textures! I would've never thought of combining the sequins with the silk and then with the blazer, but it works on you somehow. Those patent heels are gorgeous. So are the other girls wearing it as much too?

I'm loving your interior design with the pop of orange in the little details. Very tasteful, yet modern. How do you keep everything so neat and in order when you have three kids!? Is the living room "out of bounds" for them?

Switzerland would be fun to see the Alps and perhaps, to visit La Vanguardia and her new baby in November. :)

Btw, I love reading about your beauty regime. I'm always wondering what works for other people. Many Taiwanese women celebrity have beauty books and I always like to sneak a read just to see what they use... like da S, her friend Wu, Annie Yi...etc.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Betsy: thanks, girl. You are so sweet every time. you remind me that I should ask my girls how do they pair the valentino heels w/. are right, the kids usually won't play in the living room as there is no TV there. The only time they are there is they want to grab the decor. pillows there and make house out of the cushion. hehe... Besides, I tend to collect whatever doesn't belong its place every day and keep everything tidy.

Right, it has been a while I visit her blog...too many to catch up w/. I figured that she is WAY to far from here..(Jk).

Thanks, Betsy, I am glad you always stop by and leave comments...I can't believe Cathy told me that she doesn't know how to leave comments on my blog.....I was like *I&&D^%I$O#@T*!!!!! (you can see the word in between. hahaahahahha) One of these days I have to see what's wrong w/, I mean why can't she leave the comments!!!

hah...I am going back to Taiwan....and I can't wait to get some pretty shoes and clothes w/ dirt cheap price!!!!!!!!! (I don't know if I even have time shop though, two weeks is very short.) :(

Julia said...

i just added myself ' julia S(as steffe)' in your followers groups...

you got a lot of tan this spring. but it looks good on your sexy body.

love your sequin top.

btw, i posted the link of my new buys in one of your older postings..

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia.
Now I follow a lot people's blog and sometimes got lose....every blog is so fun to read about.


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