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03 May, 2009

KAIN Label And Zara Tank!

I almost buy tanks every year so just to update the look and the color in my wardrobe. I guess people can tell whether you are fashion forward or not by looking at the tank you are wearing. I have tanks from $15 up to $90. Except for tanks which made by cashmere, honestly, I can't tell the differences.

However, I can't help myself buying this tank from the hottest brand,
KAIN Label, which made from 10% silk. The must have on the tank is the pocket!!

I compared it w/ my current favorite tank bought from Zara which is $14.99. I must admit, quality does matter in terms of the sewing technique. I notice that the bottom hem on Zara tank appears crinkled after worn; While KAIN Label shows a wider fold when sewing the edges which keeps the bottom hem smooth all the time.


1. TOP:
  • KAIN Label charcoal tank w/ oversize pocket
  • Alice & Olivia cropped n' ruched jacket
2. Bottom: BJB leggings
3. Chanel black Rodeo Drive tote w/ perforated leather
4. Shoes: Zac Posen inspired sandal
5. Accessory:
  • Louis Vuitton silver hoop w/ 3 logo charms in each earrings
  • Tiffany silver bracelet
  • red puma cap
  • Chloe sunglasses
These days, I am obsessed w/ frozen yogurt. My favorite is pomegranate flavor and not many store offers this flavor though. Today we took kids to downtown Palo Alto and had some frozen yogurt charged by weight in the university ave.

My tips when eating Do-It-Yourself frozen yogurt is one flavor or two at a time. Otherwise, it tastes really gross when mixing up all the flavors. haha...

Oh...DH is notorious for lousy photo-taking belly look like pregnant w/ 3 mon. there!!! lol


isabel said...

Hey Rachel,
I am back from Taiwan and still suffering from jetlag. Anyway, I just want to say KAIN label is the best brand t shirt!! I have 5 total (both long and short sleeves). I haven't tried the tank yet, but it looks great on you!!! I love your black/white shoes too, what brand are they?

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Isabel: I miss you very much....ok, now it just sounds very weird..anyways...take your time to adjust the jetlag..(oh, how much if the fare btw.) We are going back around 5.25 and might visit Japan for at least 5 days w/ tour.

WHAT>..5!!! you are insane. They are $86 for a TANK. I thought I am nuts are even worse. haha..jK!! Then you have to try the tank for the LOOK. hah..Oh, but they get "furry ball" if I over rub/wear the fabric.(??how do you say that in know what do I mean?) I guess it is because of the silk!!!!!

Ho...thanks, that's the pair from last year I bought in Taiwan. They have similar design w/ Zac Posen. (I saw zac posen's same sandal in Barnes' last year)

Qian said...

i like your blogs. Wonder which size of your kain label tank you wore. i'd like to buy it online. i usually buy medium size of tops but sometimes small is good too.

Betsy said...

Rachel - I'm can't help but laugh at the last pic your DH took... not b/c you look 3 months pregnant because you don't.... it's b/c you actually remind me of one of those celebrity getting stalked by paparrazzi while they are shopping in West LA. :)

In any case, that Alice & Olivia jacket is so versatile and cute. I'm so tempted to find something similar but I have yet to see any these days.

Isabel - welcome back!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Qian: Thanks. :)
The Kain label tank is usually "one size fits all" and considering the super low/huge cut under arms I sometimes even wear another tank underneath of it.

litlstrawberry said...


Yes, I just told Isabel that leather jacket is TOO HOT for us to keep up the cool look, then blazer is getting bored to me and this kind of cropped jacket is very sporty look and as well as urban chic too. I love it. Try H&M, they have same kind as SWEETS (tpfer).

Julia said...

hey rachel,
i also like pomegranate!! we would be very close friends that we have much in common.


Julia said...

that was me, steffe/julia

litlstrawberry said...

haha..Julia: Yes, do let me know if your family visit SF some day. you remember that I have a mommy friend who accompany her DH to study MBA in Chicago then relocated to NYC. Now she also finished her EMBA (well, I guess). They are moving back to Cal. I am very excited. We used to shop together too. She is from Shanghai. :) They have a son and she claims they will never have another. They both are workaholic. haa...


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