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01 May, 2009

My Best Find of the year from Target!!

Here I come across this glass-like beads necklace when doing grocery shopping in Target.

You can explore their design at

I couldn't resist the one-of-a-kind design, not literally! But the pretty glass-like beads necklace which almost look like blowing bubbles is just so eye-catching. The designer is Erickson Beamon and they made limited edition of fair price w/ same intricate details of jewelry for Target brands this year only.

Here is the small introduction if you are not familiar w/ the designer.
New Yorkers Karen Erickson and Vicki Sarge launched Erickson Beamon in 1983. Their particular brand of timeless, old-world charm they call “new vintage” with bright baubles that could have been raided from Grandma’s jewelery box.

The shirt has two matching flowers attached!!


1. TOP:
  • R jean blouse striped shirt w/ zipper detail at sleeves' hem
  • Elisabeth & James black tuxedo vest w/ side pockets
2. Bottom: BJB cropped sheer leggings w/ side zipper
3. Bag: Chanel Rodeo Drive large tote in perforated
4. Shoes: Sergio Rossi Red patent heels w/ buckles

The bead necklace is just the right eye-catching element on my neck w/o distracting my whole look.

My little daughter is so sweet n' cute posing there w/ me!!

How about a striped blue hat......w/ the bubble necklace are two fun elements!!!

My poor little girl is having eczema again because of the carpet in the ferry.


zhu said...

love both of your new buys - glass beads necklace and leather like leggings. very fashionable. you pulled them off well.

zhu said...

oh it's me, steffe/julia,
for some reason it showing 'zhu'

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, of course I know it's you, Julia. Your full name is spelled out when you sent me private email. :)

Thanks. I am very happy w/ my new buys too. They are $50 each. hehe....

zhu said...

you know i have to tell you, your little dd doesn't look like you either...haha. it was incredible how gene worked its way to our kids.

so excited for your coming trips to taiwan and japan.


Betsy said...

Rachel - My husband is a fan of your ODJs too, and he has just declared that this one is his all time favorite. LOL. I guess it must be the leather legging look, which I can't pull off.

In all seriousness, what great find at Target! I really enjoy this look... such an attitude and flair.

Sorry to hear about Ilona's eczema. Both Max & Sophie has mild case of eczema too and I know it's a huge pain.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:
yes...Ilona get her eyebrown from my DH, and eyes....from my mom (maybe), lips...I don't know. ..haha....yes, the gene is an interesting subject on human's body. haha.. Now she is having eczema and turn into single-fold eyelid...if I am more careful, she will be back to her double-folded eyelid the next day...hah.....Now I even dare not to take her to bookstore as they have carpet floor all over. She gets itchier whenever I took her to bookstore. *sigh*

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: how is your in-laws? Are they still around? My in-laws says that they are visiting on Aug. but who knows when they will actually be here...hehe...(that's just my DH's side's habit......they tell you "when" but when they are is almost 2 mon. later.) So now I know, i always say "OK"....then just need to wait for they call again for picking them up in the airport. haha...

Oh..really? I am glad your DH likes my ODJ too. I know Irene's family all read my blog sometimes so I am her daughter's "idle". One time, we went out together, her daughter keeps imitating me put on sunglasses and take it Irene said that NO MORE GOING OUT W/ auntie Rachel....haha..She was kidding.

I think your Max and Sophie is just a little sensitive but not really having allergy toward the environment. Unfortunately, Ilona has serious allergy w/ dust mites.

Betsy said...

Rachel -- My inlaws are still around. They actually live in Saratoga and that's why they offer tons of help with the kids for me. It's funny that you are Irene's daughter's idol. LOL. You're like a celebrity!

I'm excited for you that you will be traveling back to TPE soon. I'd love to go but I really want to go for more than 4 weeks so I might wait until Nov/Dec when the weather is cooler.

I hope Izy had a great time back in TPE. Haven't seen her around yet so she's probably still partyin' on.


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