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19 May, 2009

Count Down The Trip To Taipei!!!!

Our children are born in united states so they are automatically become "Americans". However, DH and I were not born in USA and we came here for study at the very first beginning. Then we met and decided to settle down here for the best of our children. Emotionally, DH and I are still attached to our birth place. In fact, my whole family is still back in Taiwan except for couple of my uncles live in Washington State and Canada.

I am so excited to go back to Taiwan w/ DH and kids this Sun. I had contacted w/ my used-to-be coworkers. I also had planned to shop for the best bargain and the most fashion forward clothes and shoes there. It is so different to compare the life style here w/ Asia. Asia is famous for its 24 hr. sleepless night, food and entertainment. I would think taking kids traveling is one of the best life education cause' I want my children have an open-minded heart to see everything and to adapt themselves faster in every country. I want them to be an adventurer and as curious as the cartoon character, Curious George.


lilbou64 said...

Hi, I love your blog! I have been following it for a couple of weeks now after I came across your thread on the purse forum! I am from Taipei, TW also! Came to the states when I was 12 yrs old. I love your daily ensemble and your kids are so adorable! keep it up the good work ^.^ and have fun in tw!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, lilbou64: You know, your nickname reminds me of little popa (pearl) milk tea. :) Thanks for stopping by and it is great to hear someone who has the similar background. Well, except I came here way OLDER than 12. haha...
Yes..I definitely can't wait to go back to Taipei and experience a different urban life again.

litlstrawberry said...

oh, by the way, lilbou64, thanks for the sweet words about my children. Yes, remember, they are all adorable when they are not yours lol....(jk).I mean, you didn't see the moment when they all gone out of control, then they are little evil to me. hahaha.... Even though, I still love them very much.

intothestars said...

Hey, I saw your blog from the Purse Forum. I don't use/post much, just sit there and read.

I've been curious about this for awhile now: is your husband also from Taiwan? Or is he Cantonese? I thought he was from Taiwan as well, but then I remember you saying something about him eating dim sum every weekend...

What are your kids names? You never reveal them, except for Illona.

Sorry to sound like a big stalker, but I read your blog at least once every two weeks and I really like your sense of style. XD

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, intothestars:
How are you? Thanks for finding all the way here from tpfer.

My DH is Indonesia Chinese. He can speak both Chinese and Indonesia and some Cantonese since his family is originated from there. My kids...hum...promise me that you won't kidnap them. BTW, it is Ilona for my youngest daughter. Niel and Abigail is their name. Do I satisfy your curiosity?

intothestars said...

HAHA, my ma saw me commenting here and she said, "WAH! How can this lady get all the money! What does the husband do?"

But yes, yes, you do.

Wow, you are very lucky... You have a really interesting life.


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