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06 May, 2009

Compliments On My Erickson Beamon Necklace for Target!!

I wear these bubble beads necklace from designer Erickson again. I receive compliments from my skin doctor, and nurse this morning. Then another one from my kid's preschool's principle in the afternoon when I went to school to pick my children up. They love this bubbly stunning necklace just as I do.

I am quite flattered wearing this necklace w/ such attention. I think those glass bubbles might reflect some lights on me thus lighten up my face. hah..... Did you notice I have a big smile today???!!

This is my inspiration today. The pic. is courtesy of! Model wears Doo Ri brand pants which cost $895 and it is simply insane w/ such a price!!


1. TOP:
  • Emporio Armani striped tank
  • Zara sleeveless jacket w/ belt
2. Bottom: IRO silk tapered pants w/ folded waist
3. Shoes: DVF gold Chinese braided knot sandals
4. Chanel Rodeo tote

Next time, I should do my hair UP and HIGH like the model!! Especially I need that long, thick eyeliner!!!

My Diesel gladiator heels would compliment the ensemble as well.

Women are easily delighted, sometimes simple blandishments would make us extreme joyous!!! I should share this tip to my DH!!! lol


Julia said...

yeah, i agree, you should wear your black Diesel shoes with this outfit. i love Diesel stuff.

your arms are so toned. very sexy... also good for your dh to know what you are a strong woman who can be counted on when he is not around.


Amicable Andrea said...

Hi from S'pore! i've added your blog to my Favourites as i look forward to readg your blog each time you updated. You are such a beautiful mummy, not only fabulous in your looks & attire but only in your love for your kids & hubby & you manage your household without a domestic helper!

i've been married for years but still not ready to be a mum so reading your posts always warm my heart. i can't imagine carrying my chanel bag when i'm out with kids as i'm afraid my bags may suffer some knocking & scratches but looking at you have changed my stance!

Amicable Andrea said...

Oops! typo error in my earlier comments. It should be "You are such a beautiful mummy.....attire but also (instead of only) in your love...."

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: thank you, my dear. I am not sure if USA has black label of Diesel as I saw that in Paris. (or whatever the label is, they are more high fashion than their usual collection.)

ho ho ho..yes, I am in love w/ my strong arms.....well, just because I am not tiny so I better off to be a STRONG woman. hahaha!! You know, women are independent when we know we are on our own...I am sure you are a strong woman too!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, Andrea:
Big thank-you and kisses to you!!! You know, lots of my friends they prefer to work instead stay home w/ kids or doing lots of house chores. That's why it takes all kind to be the world so everyone has a job to do. hee....... e.g. house cleaning lady.

As for the fear of scratching your HG you better have a baby girl first. haha..... In general, baby girls are mellow and easier to manage than boys. Oh...sorry, did you mention you want to have kids??

No matter what you think...having kids means couple years sacrifice of almost everything. When you find the pace, the balance, and the harmony w/ your hubby, I am sure you will handle your life well and looking good again.


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