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26 May, 2009

Day 1 In Taipei!


Today is Day 3 after we arrived in Taipei and I guess I should catch it up w/ blogging next couple days. DH is in Indonesia having a meeting right now and recruit some people there. He will join us in Taipei on Fri. Before then, w/ my parents' help, I think it won't be too hard to take care of my 3 children by myself in Taipei.

I never had jeglag as I remember, I always adjust myself pretty good in every time zone. I went to buy some saline for my DH's contact lens and some nipple sticker for my friend, Pei. at 9 AM in Watson's store. In Taipei, or I should say in Asia, all the street vendors are already doing business and you can shop for anything you need. So I already spend $US 15= $NTD 450 on a one piece dress already after 3 hours landing in Taipei. lol

In Asia, almost everyone carries an umbrella to protect themselves from the sun. I am no exception!!!! :P I carried my Chanel black mini flap w/ me to Taiwan. IT is my best travel little bag ever!!!

We went to the newest opened SOGO department store and I stopped by Chanel and Hermes. I found Chanel carried different style which I've never seen it in USA. However, this trip I have no mood of shopping for Chanel. As for Hermes, everyone knows it is almost as impossible as climbing onto a sky to buy Birkin or Kelly in Asia, the waiting list is mile long and the SA say the special order takes 5 to 8 years to fulfill. Or even worse, you might not even have it. Anyway, I am never a crazy dude to want something that bad and have to have it right away. But to my surprise, I saw my idol, Shi-mei Leng, who is a popular singer in Taiwan. I remember my DAD bought me her album when I was in middle school. She becomes even more successful in acting later on in her show biz career.

I am very nervous as taking pic. w/ my idol. She is very kind of willing to take pic. w/ us.

Hope she won't mind me posting the pic. here.


eve-eve said...

hi there! so you're in taipei right now.. better dropby here in the Philippines, in my hometown Cebu.. I'll gladly tour you around. =)

Betsy said...

Rachel - How funny that you bumped into your idol! Did you know that she has an incredible Birkin collection? I've seen her in person a few times at club/lounges and restaurants but I'm never brave enough to say hello.

Sounds great that you are having such a great time and adjusting to jetlag quickly. I've heard about the new SOGO in Tien Mu area, since my parents live near that area. I'd love to visit when I return too.

That mini flap really serves you well and it does go well with all your ensembles so far. I noticed that you're not wearing super high heels. When will you be breaking those out to see the sun? :)


Betsy said...

I re-read your comments and realized you probably went to the Sogo on Chung Hsiao E. Road instead of the Tien Mu store. So, sorry!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, eve:

How I wish I can visit philippines again....I love Manila and love shopping mall there....spicy food.... Oh, man~~~ Hum..maybe when my kids are older, we will take them to your hometown Cebu. My elder two only visited Thailand in 2007.

litlstrawberry said...

HEY, Betsy: I went to the one in Fu-shin. There are 3 near chuang shiao E. rd. I don't know they have another one in TeinMu now. Hum...see if we have change to go there then. I love that area since I went to Shuchou university there.

I am off to SOGO now.

litlstrawberry said...

Betsy: I think I AM GOING To buy some heels in Taipei and you know, those made in Taiwan. :)

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Glad to see you update your blog!! Did you buy anything from the jewelery store? Is it hot in Taiwan?

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Isabel: Of course i did but we will go back to pick THEM up next MON. We want to pay cash instead of credit card. Well, to me and your surprise, I bought a pair of earrings and a ring. I want to get your strawberry ring at the very first place but DH didn't see it IRL so he doesn't really appreciate the look of know, man doesn't have that kind of "vision" hahahha..

So the ones I bought is so much a copy of Bvlgari or van cleef...kind. well, you know, those big sapphires. I love them and they are more "dressy" and "luxury" side instead of "edgy" side. I guess that look is part of my style, and dressy!! hehe...

Some QUIRKS - said...

WOW, you actually met Lan Xin Mei at Hermes!!! Was she nice/friendly in real person?

From her beauty talk show, she often express her love for everything Hermes (not only birkins)... She must be one of the top VVVVIPs in Hermes Taiwan.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, quirks:
nice to see new voice here. I have to say I am way too nerves to introduce myself after taking pic. w/ her. hahahhahaha.....Can't believe I am over 30 and still feel almost fainted after seeing my idol. hahah..

Hum..of course, she said yes right away after I request taking pic. w/ her. For sure she must have a "gigantic collection" of Hermes'. I wish I can see her collection IRL. :)


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