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Red Heels and My Last Summer Hat!

As I know, 4 of my friends bought this pair of Sergio Rossi red buckle heels after I show them. The shoes is still available on line at I guess no one can resist that bloody true red, they look almost still wet on the patent leather.

Today I am wearing my Erickson glass necklace from Target and finally I have the guts to wear its matching earrings.

I swear my little Ilona dresses very well this morning when we were out. Just when I am about to put her in bed for her routine nap, my DH came home for lunch. So I think why not asking DH take today's ODJ for me. He claims that he is on a diet due to his dinning too often at Panda Express for lunch. I always ask him to bring a lunch box but I guess grab n' go is easilier for him. But, he finally realizes that home cooking is the best for both great taste and healthy concerns. haha.....

My DH went to practice Yogo once w/ me, although he likes the energetic feeling after one session, he is too lazy to keep it up. But since my yoga teacher even asked about him, I promise her that I will bring him back for Yoga class when we are back from Taiwan. :)

I bought those green apple top from J Crew on sale. They are lovely color and light fabric to pack to Taipei w/ us.

Long sleeves is for Abby, tank is for Ilona. I wish J Crew make them for adult too.

Hi, I am about to go to bed after saying "Good Bye" to Dad.


1. TOP:
  • Max Co. spaghetti strap tank
  • Marc Jacobs sheer black blouse
2. BOTTOM: Diesel white denim jeans
3. SHOES: Sergio Rossi red patent ankle buckle heels

Just in case you didn't know which red heels I am talking about. I have to one size and half for this pair.

  • Designer, Erickson Bemon for Targe glass beads necklace w/ matching earrings
  • J Crew 3 straps gold belt
  • Sterling silver bangle
  • AUGUST straw hat
Before DH adjust the camera......Pic. exposures too much.

I don't know if the matching necklace w/ earrings are too busy around my

I think I am done buying HATs, I have all kinds of hats to compliment my wardrobe now.

I just realized that Ilona has same red shoes as mine. hahha..


Hi Rachel!! Before having my lunch, I just want to thank you for your compliments on my latest ODJs at mommy's thread. I'm not sure if you will check the mommy's thread very often, so I thought of leaving you a message here instead.

Anyway, I really love your outfit, esp. the sleeves of your blouse! And I love how you're accessorized it with your cute glass necklace. I can't see the matching earrings clearly, but for me, I will choose a more simple earring (short dangling ones) to match the bold necklace. I remember I've seen you model this blouse before with shorts and pointed boots and DS reissue, right? Is it the same one? I have lots of blouses like yours in chiffon/sheer material (mostly worn only once), now you have given me the inspiration to wear them again! Thanks so much!

By the way, the H&M Harem pants I modeled is really comfortable, like wearing nothing! LOL! It's in jersey material. (My DH asked me if it's pajamas! Men!) It's available in black and beige (the one I modeled) and the price is really cheap. So, get both colors! And get the smallest size possible. I'm wearing a small so you must be XXXXXXXXS!!

You know what? Because you have modeled so many hats, I also bought a hat like the one you wore with this ensemble. It's black straw hat with subtle multicolor threads on it. I have an ODJ in mind to match the hat with, maybe I'll model it next week when I have time.

BTW, did your family all have the flu shot already? The Swine Flu is getting serious, so just take special care, esp. with your 3 lovely kids. OK OK? It's always not too good to be stuck in an airplane for 10+ hours with bad ventilation. We were suppose to go to Paris next month, but because of my son's new schedule and also the Swine Flu, we decided not to go. But we may go to Paris and Switzerland in September instead. How I miss Switzerland! I still can't believe I've lived there for almost 1 year with the extra great fresh air and lakes! I really miss the Swiss AIR (not the airplane but the real air...LOL)!

Have fun in Taipei and shop till you drop! I'm sure you will be able to score lots of things there! Take good care.


P.S. Don't mind my "blog" if you see it. It's a draft. I was trying out to start my own blog on my love for Chanel and fashion. But really no time to do it yet. Hehehehhe!
Betsy said…
Rachel - The Marc Jacobs top is really gorgeous! I'm so drawn to the sleeves and the details. You are right about those sexy red heels. Every woman needs a pair of red heels but these heels are so unique with the buckles. I'm surprised foot candy shop hasn't sold out of them yet.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet but Ilona is so cute... she seems a bit on the shy side but loves to have fun too. Your kids have very unique names and I'm still struggling to figure out how to pronounce Ilona's name. Do they get nicknames too?

Those mommies and ladies on tPF is getting me very curious about the Stella Luna brand of shoes too. They didn't have it when I was living there a few years back. Be sure to report back and let us know what you think.
litlstrawberry said…
OMG, Michelle: DH and I just talked about going to Switzerland around fall since we won't be going to Japan while traveling back to Taipei. It is just too short of stay in Taipei and not worth the money to fly to Japan at this moment. (flu too)

Hum...guess there is lots of thing I need to ask you about traveling to Switzerland. I have to say Paris trip is one of the best trip I had w/ my family because of you gals from tpfer. I have precious advices from you all.

yes, as I also find it is hard to keep up the blog everyday.....sometimes I have idea to say and time to write but sometimes I am way to tired/lazy to blog.
litlstrawberry said…
Right Mia, that's the Marc top I had wore long long time ago ...and I am very impressed you still remember. That is way back in our 1st mommy thread I think.

Thanks for your compliment. I normally won't wear that kind of blouse w/ so busy design on long sleeves. I kind of thinking that's more of your look. hah....
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: just want to email you that tomorrow we are going to take kids to Shoup park again. (the one your met w/ Irene) We meet around 11 AM and if you have time, please feel free to stop by.

Oh...I can't find your cell number and you have to email me again.Thanks.

Tomorrow I have to pick up my jeans from Amy as i should pack and get ready.

Yes, I will let you know about Luna shoes if I found them in Taipei.
Hi Rachel!'re so right! That Marc top of yours is really my style! That's why I remember your ensemble way back before....hehehehehe!

No problem. If you're really going to Switzerland, just let me know. I used to live in the "French part" of Switzerland though (Geneva), so those are the parts I know more about like Vevey and Lausanne. I've been to the German part of Switzerland too (like Zurich and Lucern), and it's equally nice. Hey, La Van lives in the German part of Switzerland, so you can also ask her for advice. Switzerland is such a nice place for kids. They will love the nature and the fresh air! Actually, Mason was "Made in Switzerland"...hhahahahahhaha! Too bad we moved back to Hong Kong or else I'm sure Mason will enjoy the Switzerland even more!

BTW, did I tell you Ilona is such an adorable girl. She's a chubby kid and I also like chubby kids! I'm so happy to see that her skin has recovered from the allergy. Did you apply something special on her skin? (BTW, the tank looks so cute on her with the flowers!) My son also had eczema before, and what we do is just use emulsifying ointment as cream and for bath. This was the pediatrician's recommendation and it worked miracle! We tried all sorts of different brands for eczema skins like Mustela stelatopia, nothing worked. :( Child's skin is just so delicate. Remember to bring sun block to Taiwan! I have been there during summer and it's super super hot!!

Now, off I go to the Mommy's thread and see what's going on. Gosh, your thread is so hot that it is going at the speed of light!

Hi Betsy!! (Waving.....)
Susan said…
Oh I love this look before i'm really into black and white these days. The red heels are killer!!! so hot. By the way, i have to ask you did you pretreat your white reissue bag before using? I'm thinking of doing that to mine since I want to take it to taipei...but probably not a good idea. hahaha will get dirty in one second.
Oh you asked where I stay? In taipei Jhongshan Dist. but we just got an apt in Danshui that is almost ready so we may stay there too.
How about you? Your trip is short. I'll be staying there for much longer because I want my son to be able to take some fun classes over there to learn more of the culture. Although I have not signed him up just yet. And since it's summer it's the perfect time otherwise he'll be in school when we come back.
Oh btw, your daughter's eczema is better now. she's such a cutie pie. :)
Betsy said…
*waving back* Hi Mia!!! Sorry I haven't commented on the mommy thread. It's going so fast that I can hardly keep up now. But as always, I really love your recent ODJs, especially the one with the Tyler shirt - so creative and chic!
litlstrawberry said…
Oh, Susan: you know, I already told myself that I am not taking miss matte white w/ me to Taipei. Like you said, I am also afraid that it will get dirty.
....bad air pollution. :(

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