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18 May, 2009

Eat FISH for SMART Kids!!

Center modeling outfit is my inspiration.

Pic. courtesy of Ginza mag.


1. TOP: Diesel washed denim jumper
2. BOTTOM: Plastic Island long blazer
3. Shoes: Hugo Boss orange Boss two tone Mary-Jane platform Heels
4. Accessory:
  • Tiffany heart necklace
  • Brown suede belt
  • Balenciaga Violet Part-time bag
  • Chanel 08 s/s Star brooch can't see the star brooch which is covered by my hair...... lol

Single loop of the bow is the key look!!!

So, I pretty much believe kids learn faster w/ finer motor skill development. Although i can't seem to recall if I ate enough fish during my 3 pregnancies but hopefully, if I continuously feed them w/ fish in a recommended amount and avoid heavy metal fish, such as tuna and halibut, my children will be smart too. Kids learn the fastest from their siblings, classmate, or even playmate. I notice my youngest daughter have very fine finger movement, and she holds a pen very nicely.

Here is the full article about it.

They have some sponsors who provided craft works for kids last sat. We are all so focused.


eve-eve said...

it really is a joy for us moms to bond with our kids.. love ur balenciaga bag.. wish i could afford one.. ehehe! your ODJ looks nice on u too..

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Eve: thanks. you know, I haven't have time to check out Marni or Lanvin's necklace but just remember I almost couldn't breath when I had a glance of their "super exaggerated large, pretty" necklace from the display window. hehe...I am immune to most high end custom jewelry but not yet Chanel. However, I am buying less and less Chanel stuff these days.... i guess i bought too much clothes or shoes..haha..

Oh, it must be hot there...we are heading back to Taiwan this sun. and I don't think I need to bring a coat or anything.

So, do you like Balenciaga too? how about saving w/ me..... I want a Birkin but never had that urge to save for ONE since I know I don't really need it...except for my ugly vain. haha..... JK!!


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