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15 May, 2009


This week is my son and daughter's teacher's appreciation day. Parents have to prepare all sorts of thank-you gifts or show gratitude to the teachers for our children. I have been doing total of 5 pages paper for scrap book which we will give them to the teachers. When I am busy enough w/ my exercise routine, house chores, now I even have to coordinate kids' school activities into our lives. I can't imagine how busy we parents will be when kids all go to school, soccer game, basketball or tennis tournament, ballet performance, or even piano contest.

Before we are leaving for Taipei, I already booked summer activities for my son and daughters. Just so I can make sure they are learning something even when we didn't sign up summer school for them. Typical Parents!!! We don't want our kids feeling left behind, not at home, not at school. I want to participate in every single event at school for my 3 children in the future and I hope my children will feel our strong love toward them. They are our first priority, no matter what!!


1. TOP:
silk camo.
. lavender floral blouse w/ ruffle sleeves
2. BOTTOM: Wilfred ruffle skirt
3. SHOES: Mitchel Cabazat metallic heels
  • French designer silver necklace
  • Tom Ford sunglasses
  • Marc Jacob 08 s/s limited MIKA bag in Taupe

I have shorts under my super mini skirt!! No worry at all!!

We dined at Ming's Vietnamese restaurant at Mt. View after my son's tennis practice.

Before going to bed, my kids like to read some books or practice piano.

I don't know if the youngest kid is always parents' favorite. But I know I try my best to be fair to every one of them.


Betsy said...

Rachel - your mitchel cabazat shoes changes color with each picture. it goes from purple to silver to almost pewter... very interesting.

Btw, I bumped into Irene at a local park today! She was pretty surprised when I called her name (w/o her recognizing me) because we parked our cars next to each other. I feel like you guys must think I'm a stalker sometimes b/c I recognize you when you don't know me. LOL. We should all have a play date there together sometime when you return from Taiwan.

In any case, we also had our teacher's appreciation day recently and I was so busy organizing for our class b/c I'm the room parent. It turned out well though, so thank goodness.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Betsy...haha....she is very very shocked as she regrets that she didnt' have make-ups on. haha...She left message about today's coincidence since I didn't have my cell w/ me the whole day. Yah...we probably can have a play date this summer.

Wow, you are a wonderful mom ... as I don't think I can commit to be a room parent....I can do volunteer though. heh.....


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