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29 May, 2009

Day 5 In Taipei!!

Today I took kids to Elite bookstore near 101 department store. Yes, I have visited every department store near 101 building except for 101 building itself. I have to say luxury brand name items are insanely expensive in Asia and I rather shop them back in USA. Therefore, I think I will skip 101 building this time.

My children want to do some craft out of play dough in 5th floor so we spent couple hr. there. I took pic. for them while doing one w/ Ilona. I found myself also enjoy it very much too. : )

Kids have to be 4 yrs. to do the craft. But since my older daughter is almost 4, she just needs a little more help. :)

After we pick up a model that we want to make, my children are ready to start.

Niel picked the hardest one (for his age IMO) and I think it is great for training his patience.

Abigail is practicing the "smile" mouth before drawing on the dough. She picked a cartoon character, "Cinnebon"!!

I am surprised that Niel actually did all the details by himself. He picked a birthday cake.

Ilona is too young to do it by herself so I helped. I picked Hello Kitty for us.

Oh la la~~ They are all adorable.

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