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31 May, 2009

Day 7 In Taipei!!

We are half way our vacation in Taiwan already. We are still debating whether we should go to Huang-lian (East of Taiwan) or Keng-Din (south of Taiwan) for our another get away from Taipei before we heading back to USA less in a week.

The public transmit system is so convient in Taiwan and it only takes 1 1/2 hr. from Taipei to Ping-tong (Keng-Din National Park) by express train. However, the express train tickets is more expensive than the regular train tickets which take us to Huang-lian instead. Hum......gotta think about it harder.
Save time or save money!!!!!! lol

Ok. We have a very busy day today. We shouldn't have visited Zoo since it is so crowded but we did. Well, it is not so bad since kids enjoyed it very much and at least they saw Pandas IRL which we can only see in San Diego zoo.

Escaped monkey.....S/he is now outside the cage...not we are inside the cage....hahahahah....... S/he seems can't find her/his way IN again.

I went to pick up my Stella Luna zebra print flat which DH's first comment is: "WHAT AN UGLY SHOES IT IS"!!!!!!!! LOL
I replied: "What do you know about a pretty pattern of Zebra print!!! They are perfect matching for my evening's outfit."

Stella Luna Zebra print BOW flat.

I am so crazy about BOW!!

Here is a very HOT Taiwan actress, Ging-whua Ying and her co-star.

I went back to Eslite book store again (today is the 4th time). Why? I went to try
Pic. credited to Ms Yaming
設計師川久保玲 (Comme des Garçons)的 clothes again. You know, I am very suprised that the manager is willing to sell me a clothes which is on sale currently for 30% off w/ 50%off I asked for. When I told them that I am only willing to buy it w/ 50% off t, they decided to sell me right away. I was thrilled...and kinda of shocked at the mean time. lol .... the economic is that bad? Or it just not the piece many people would appreciate it as I do. Well, now I become hestitate and since I can get it w/ 50% off, I am wanting it to be 60%OFF. HAHA....ok, I am only human!! :P Now you must be curious about the price, right?!! IT is NTD$22680, so w/ 50% off, it is about NTD$11340=USD$348. It is only a "layering" piece which means you can't wear it w/o paring w/ something inside!!!! Well.... I'll tell you what's my decision before going back to USA then.

I meet up w/ my used to be coworkers in the evening and we had a great time chatting. We probably can go on for whole night if not interrupted by kids running around in the restaurant. Great friends are forever!!

Ten Ten restaurant in Fu-Shin South Rd. A sample menu for 5.

I wonder how much pounds I have gained. hah...

Yah...I look all ugly there...but hey, I pu therefore I am. haha....
No, I mean I laugh therefore I am.


1. TOP:
  • ZARA dusty pink tank
  • SO NICE black w/ silk tank (Taiwan brand)
2. BOTTOM: IRO gray silk tapered pants w/ pleat and bow tie details
3. SHOES: Stella Luna
  • J Crew Rose Pink chain necklace
  • Chanel caviar mini flap w/ silver HW


isabel said...

Hey Rachel,

Cute shoes!!! I love your ensemble! Are these the pants from intermix in Vegas? What really gets me are the foods you are eating!! I am salivating as I read your blog....

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: haha...yes, that pants what Pei insisted me to get it ...which made me cancel my order fro DVF golden silk pants....which I think I love a little bit more...but maybe I can still get it after I am back in USA>...well...too much spending...I can imagine DH's face gets all wrinkled...haha...

Yah, the in Japan, you can't seem to be wrong to dine in any restaurant in Taipei. :)

Julia said...

Hi R,

welll documented trip. love reading it.

the zebra shoes are cool. they are fashionable indeed. i have a pair of zebra slides... i think i posted before on chanel mommy thread.

oh, i post all of my odj on my own thread now:

please check it out whenever you like:

shopping, food, places to see...i wish i was there.

i hate routines.

keep us posted,


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi Rachel!! Love your black vest with sheer material at the back, and esp. your new Stella Luna zebra flats! I'm going to get your zebra flats too after seeing you wearing it! It's with ribbon so I love it very much! Talk about bad influence...hahahaha! What size did you get for this pair of zebra flats? Coz their largest size is size 10 (i.e. 40) and I'm not sure if I can fit in those with pointed front. BTW, is this pair of shoes comfy?

Thanks so much for your advice on my Chanel Costume jeweleries dilemma. LOL! I think I know what I'll get now after thinking over it again. Hehehehe...

Those food on the table is really yummy! How I miss the food there too! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Taiwan!



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