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20 May, 2009

THREE Looks, Same Outfit!

I think I am trying to wear the clothes w/ the possibility that I might be packing them w/ me to Taiwan. So I did like yesterday, same outfit but different colors and accessory. This way I don't have to pack much, besides, we all know we can buy pretty and cheap clothes in Taipei. My friend, Pei always brings an extra, empty luggage when she travels back to Taipei just so she can buy as much as she want and bring them back here. hah..... I think I am going to do that this empty luggage for extra vanity. :)

I am following a blogger, "About All and Nothing All". I love all the J crew clothes looks so lovely on her and of course, she looks lovely on them too. Then I stopped by J crew and bought couple sale items. I don't have a student ID nor teacher ID so I can't get extra discount on full items. So I am only interested in their sale items. Hum...maybe I should grab my friend, Kitty's DH (a teacher) whenever I want to shop at J Crew. haa.....JK.


I can't make my mind of wearing fuchsia or golden belts for the look.

I love the rosy pink chain necklace which might goes w/ a Stella McCartney tank of mine. The shirt has tissue effect around the edge so it is called tissue T, interesting!!

Accessories are not on sale but the tank is.

I just love the turquoise of this sandal.

1. TOP:
  • J Crew beige pink tissue T
  • J Crew distressed gold tank (different outfit)
2. BOTTOM: Max & Mara weekend khaki pants
3. SHOES: (3 options)
  • Coach fuchsia mule w/ bow
  • Sandal bought from Taiwan, made in Spain
  • DVF Chinese braid gold sandal
  • Juicy Couture straw hat in taupe/white ribbon
  • J Crew fuchsia belt
  • J Crew gold 3 trap belt
  • Chanel 07 metallic silver (champagne) reissue in 227
  • Chanel 09 s/s camellia earrings w/ pearl drop in pink

Then I decided to go out w/ this fuchsia matching look of belt and mule.

Did you see the pretty Bobbi Brown bronze on me???
I was end up picking up my kids from school w/ this look.

This is another casual look except I add another tank on. Funny thing is my son and my daughter got a fight while I was taking pic. for myself...sorry, Abby!!


Susan said...

oh so pretty. i love rose gold so i'm loving that chain and the blush colors together. it looks so summery. i'm going to taipei too! my hubby and i are taking our kids for the first time. My son is 3 and my baby girl is 8 months. so it will be intersting flight....i'm so anxious about it.
is such a good idea to wear the outfits now so you can get an idea of what to pack! maybe i should start doing that. the challenge will be which bags and shoes to bring. LOL
which chanel and other accesories to bring...i guess i better start packing. ha!
anyway you look great! have fun in taipei!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan: so you have been to Taipei but not your kids then? Hum, 3 years and 8 mon. is perfect age to fly since your son won't be too fussy and your daughter will be sleeping most of the time on the plane. Have fun in Taipei too.

Shoes and bags? Yes, that's always the hardest things since they are also the heaviest in the luggage. I don't think I need to pack many shoes since we def. can score a lot pretty shoes there. However, I know I won't buy luxury brand bags in Taipei, even after tax refund, the price is insane. hee.....

Susan said...

Hi R;
Yeah hubby and I have gone back to taipei just not as often as we'd like. Is a relief that my son is old enough that I'm not that worried about him on the plane. My daughter however, is so particular she loves to sleep in her crib that will be a challenge. Anyway it's all good.
I'm so excited about the shopping in taipei!!!! You're so right we can score nice shoes and accessories there. I can't wait.
do you have any place that you can recommend that has good deals?
For some reason some of my friends taht just came back said that things are getting expensive there :(

Purse Addict said...

I searched high and low for the silver 07 reissue but no luck...I ended up getting the 08 silver reissue :P

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan:
You can ask the airline staff provides your daughter a "hanging crib on the wall" to attach on the divider. You also should ask the ground staff (when you check in) give you the seat in front of the divider so you got more space there. (well, I am talking about economic when we fly w/, if business class, then there is plenty of space).

I like to go to Chu-shia East Rd. Sogo (we have 3 now) and 101. I normally don't shop at Si-Mai-DI, just way too young for us pre-matured women. haha....

Where do you stay in Taipei?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, purse: yah, one of my friend got 08 reissue instead too as she thought 07 metallic dark silver WOC is too small for her. But it is such a shame that she sold the WOC though.
07, 08 DS is totally different shades though.


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