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23 May, 2009

Before I Embark!!

It is about 6 hr. before we fly to Taipei. We finished packing and had dinner at home already. It seems I have lots of things left undone here in USA, such as I am still doing last batch of our laundry right now, my plants need to be watered every week, clothes I wanted to donate needs to be picked up next Fri., and a Stella McCartney sequins tank will be shipped to the store and I am supposed to pick it up next week. Well, I guess all these can wait till I am back then.

I am going up and down stairs of our house and also going through my ensembles again and again. I am wondering: Will I really need those clothes in Taiwan? I probably will just buy new clothes there and embrace everything there. As blogging right now, I just remembered that DH and I talked about how frozen yogurt business might not be popular in Asia
as we had frozen yogurt at Santana Row yesterday evening. We like shredded ice much better than those sticky, milky treats in Taiwan. Guess it is because the climate is way too hot for milky yogurt to be a delight to be enjoyed.

Anyway, I counted that I bring total 7 ensembles and 4 pair of shoes in this trip. Since we are only staying 2 weeks in Taipei, I might just shop my clothes there day by day. hhaha......

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dumdumsun said...

hi there! you should go try this yogurt place in taipei called "yogurtme". it is very much like the yogurt we have here in the states. there's one in the east area in 216 alley and one other location in the "yong kang st" area. have a safe trip!


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