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11 May, 2009

Friends And Family Event!! it's not Saks FF 25% off sale, it is just our friends and family fun time at Six flag last Sat.

I have informed that quite a few girl friends of mine are conceived w/ their second, or even 3rd child. Most of them are giving birth next year 2010 which is the year of OX. In Chinese, the year of Tiger 2011 is not preferred to having a girl. In the wedding, the bridesmaid can't be "Tiger" among the twelve animals, if she were, the bride would hardly to be conceived w/ children in the future. That might just be a superstition but most Asia people seem to avoid such thing.

- In Chinese,
Chart courtesy of

My friends are guessing the sex of friend's unborn baby and I seldom to do that since most of the time all bets are off. But it wouldn't hurt before the doctor tells you the truth anyway, so click the pic. below which will perdict the "possibility" of the sex of your unborn baby. Have fun!!

pic. courtesy of

This was my ODJ on Sat. That cowboy hat became my staple look of Six Flag Marine World ever since I bought it there.

These 3 kids are so cute and I must take pic. for them when we all ride along. It was the birthday of the boy to the very left and whoever came to his party receive a "TRANSFORMER's shirt". My son just look at their shirt with envy!! haha...

My youngest daughter is quite an adventurer and we almost ride everything twice. I can feel she is a little scared since she always grab my arm but that just couldn't possibly stop her from riding those rides over and over again. I think she is quite like me -- a hard core player. haha...

The most attractive man is family man!!! Look at that 3 handsome Dads.....Father's Day is just around the corner!!!

Irene is pregnant w/ her second child. Congratulations!!!

Kitty, her son and Irene's son.

It's great to have friends come along so we have extra hands to ride w/ different rides and save us so much time.

We are going back to Taipei on 5/24 and hopefully my little daughter's eczema will be cured in the tropical weather.


Qian said...

oh, i have the same tod's flats as yours. but mine is brown. i bought from saks last year. very comfortable. Your three kids are so cute. I am planning to have kid. After i did the test you provided. It is probably a girl. Is that really true?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Qian:
Yap, tod's flat is the best...I am very appreciated that they have those little rubber dots at the back of heels so the flats won't be worn out when driving. are planning to have kids or you are already pregnant?? Well, I guess you just have to do more than ONE test from different websites and methods to do the "statistic". But my friends say it is quite accurate. (average, I guess)

Julia said...

love your family activity shots!
it seemed you all had a blast on Mother's Day.

julia steffe

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Julia: How are you? I love your scarf on your Armani jacket...and now I just remembered I forgot to comment on tpfer. sorry.

BTW, I think I never saw you wear a high waist pants...did I? You should try some and you will look great in those cause' you have slim waist/long legs too.

Some QUIRKS - said...

Hi there! Have been following your blog since day 1 - nice work! Just wanted to point out abt the chinese animal year you talked abt in your post - 2009 is OX year & 2010 will be tiger. Just wanted to let you know its great entertainment to read abt your thoughts on fashion & viewing your creative outfits! I really enjoy your blog alot. :D


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