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12 May, 2009

Beauty Regime Part I !!

Tonight I had time to take pic. for 1/3 of my beauty potion.(Just kidding), if you count samples too. hah.....

This is what I applied on my hair and face today. Like I said, "There is no ugly woman, only the lazy ones."

Who says you can only apply one shade of blush?!! I basically apply two shades of blush and two kinds of mascara. lol

The toner claims that it will help dissolve the mineral in the tab water which has build-ups on the face. So I pretty much believe the "theory" : w/o mineral blocking on pores, your face would absorb any serum/cream/lotion even more efficiently.

The is Clinical's "Active serum" n' "Super serum" are my secrets of fighting wrinkles, freckles, and deep lines.

I will post the products here first. If you are interested in details or even the result of any products, please ask me in the comment. I had a sore throat and I guess I really need my beauty sleep now!!


♥ Kalila-Thu ♥ said...

lovely post!

thank u for answering my question!

i made a note of the SERUMS!!!! lol.

Susan said...

Hi R;
Been meaning to write to you about your daughter's eczema. My baby girl also has pretty bad eczema especially when weather changes. I've tried everything from Aquaphor to Cetaphil..Aquaphor used to work wonders with my son but not with her. Finally I tried Mustela a line called Stelatopia for dry and eczema prone skin and it works wonders! Her skin is 95% better. With less flare ups. They also have another line called Stelaprotect for sensitive to intolerant skin. Both very good but I would recommend the first one for body and the second one for face. Anyway, maybe you have tried already but I thought i'd let you know.
Great posts I enjoy reading your blog :)

litlstrawberry said...

Not a problem, Kalila. :)


Hi, Susan: Thanks a million about the info of the cream. I am very appreciated and going to find out where I can buy the cream for both face and body. I think I have seen the brand name somewhere but never really look into it. Now I have to give my daughter Zyrtec whenever the redness shows under her ease the allergy syndrome (eczema) gets out of control.

Susan said...

Oh no problem! I got mine at Babies R Us you can try there. I hope it works for her :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Susan. I will def. try it. :) You know, my mom even ask me to broil the green bean and feed the WATER to my girl. In Chinese Herb, green bean used to calm the heat inside the body and cure the poison which seems to cause any kind of illness to the body. well....I guess I will also try that as my brother had hives when he was young. That said the allergy comes from MY family then. :(


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